Seeing through the eyes of your customer

At Symphony RetailAI, we use our virtual reality (VR) technology to help our customers see through the eyes of their customers. We go beyond the technology itself and start with a deep understanding of the issues facing our retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) customers. How can they be most efficient? Save time and money? Remove the guesswork from their strategy and execution? And bring enhanced customer experiences into the store?

Virtual reality: validation for retailers and CPGs

As a retailer, imagine a new way of working using VR technology. One that seamlessly interacts with floor plans and planograms and shopper marketing activation. One that allows you to create new types of store environments to meet the challenges of the changing consumer. If you’re a CPG manufacturer, VR can make your vision of your retailers’ environments come to life. You’ll validate and quantify the impact of new planograms, points of sale, store concepts that you create. You’ll maximize space and generate better configurations in the category and aisle.

Symphony RetailAI is unique in virtual reality

We know that your customers are looking for more engaging and personalized shopping experiences. Unlike any others in FMCG, our platform interacts with all the components you use to create the most engaging customer environments, including Symphony RetailAI’s macro floor planning, shelf planning and assortment applications and industry leading research survey engines. Environments where you can observe and understand shopping behaviors. And like everything we do, it’s easy to use. Say goodbye to setting up physical test spaces that waste precious time and energy. Say hello to saving money, eliminating repetition and a new view of the efficiencies that only VR can bring.

Whether you’re a retailer or CPG, virtual reality should be your reality.

  • How will virtual reality make things easier for me?

    There are significant advantages to virtual reality and, as a result, it’s becoming more standard in various areas of retail. For example, in the white paper Making Category Management Relevant In The Age of the Informed Customer it says “Most importantly, using next-generation analytics and virtualization technologies as an integral part of category management enables retailers to avoid the arduous, time consuming, and expensive task of rolling a plan out to test stores, observing the results, making adjustm

    It’s not solely a time saver, but enables faster and more accurate analytics. And, after you’ve assessed a given change in a virtual environment, you can easily adjust it to test a new configuration.

  • Can you give me an example of how a retailer might put virtual reality to use?

    Consider a retailer that wants to refine and enhance the messaging in its store. Symphony RetailAI can help create a replica store environment wherein they can layout the messaging for that season across the entire store. Because our system is so closely tied to our planogramming and our floor planning applications, every single planogram would be an interactive planogram taken from a planogram system. This is a key differentiator from other competitors in the field. They can use planograms but not across the entire store. The retailer can then find each planogram in the store, they can show the visualization of the messaging for a given season, an event, evaluate it and create the right messaging. They can roll that out to all their regional and country managers and they can then use this to create localized versions of the centrally approved messaging. If they want it in different languages, if they want to only do some of the messaging, they can do that.

  • How is Symphony RetailAI different from other vendors touting virtual reality solutions?
    Because our system is so closely integrated to our space planning applications, all planograms and floor plans are interactive and taken from the same system. This enables us to use planograms across the entire store. No one else does this currently.

    Another key difference between Symphony RetailAI and other vendors is the connection with the information, the data behind the application, not just planograms. We bring together everything from our next-generation category planning solutions and can implement the output from our solution to create new store concepts. Other vendors in the field are just partially connected.

    We don’t design for VR technical experts. Like all we do at Symphony RetailAI, we create a user experience for business users who are looking to work more efficiently, bring their own area of expertise and perspective to the VR realm to solve very real business problems, who want to better see their business through the eyes of their customers.

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