A first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence-enabled digital assistant for grocery and hard goods retail that is transforming the way retailers work.

CINDE does what is humanly impossible, helping you make more intelligent business decisions at speed and scale, to drive sales, profit and customer loyalty.


Speed and scale

CINDE processes billions of bits of data in real time, mining trends and anomalies, to serve up answers in seconds that would take a team of analysts hours, days or weeks.

Contextual analytics

Through highly advanced contextual analytics, she can understand your questions, analyze the data, extract the insights and choose the most effective visualizations.

Artificial Intelligence

CINDE uses artificial intelligence to understand cause, and recommend next best actions. She quickly sees your challenges as opportunities, even if you can’t at first.

Where it all began

Sy Fahimi talks us through the ideas behind CINDE.

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Artificial Intelligence report

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By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed by Artificial Intelligence. Find out more in the latest report: AI Opportunities in Retail.

Artificial Intelligence CINDE Press release

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Introducing CINDE, a first-of-its-kind digital analytic assistant that is transforming the way FMCG retailers and CPGs work.

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NRF 2019 - 13 to 15 Jan

Forget the hype. Artificial intelligence is here to stay and it’s very real. While others are talking, Symphony RetailAI is doing.