CINDE, the First Digital Analytic Assistant Specific to Grocery and Hard Goods Retail

Uses artificial intelligence, prescriptive analytics, and immersive visualization in a natural language conversational exchange with business users

SymphonyAI, the leading global provider of Artificial Intelligence-enabled decision platforms, solutions and customer-centric insights that drive validated growth for retailers and CPG manufacturers, today announced at its Xcelerate Retail Forum in Paris, a new type of digital analytic assistant — CINDE — designed to receive natural language input from users and provide conversational answers. CINDE, an acronym for Conversational INsights and Decision Engine, enters the high-volume retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketplace at a time when consumers and business users alike are already making use of speech interfaces to perform simple tasks.

“CINDE is not like other, more general digital assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana, that are able to do a few simple tasks for the user based on speech input” said Pallab Chatterjee, Chairman, SymphonyAI. “She has pervasive insight based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand retail business trends specific to grocery and hard goods, continually learn, and proactively alert users to critical issues that need attention.”

CINDE provides answers to highly detailed questions through use of deep analytics, data mining and immersive visualization into stores at department, planogram, and product level. Because of her contextual intelligence, CINDE will serve that information using the most appropriate visualizations to give holistic insights for actions that can or should be taken.

Initially being applied to Category Management, examples of questions for CINDE include:

• How is my X category performing in X store?
• What are the trends you see behind the performance in X category?
• What are customers buying instead of X product?
• How did the promotions in my category perform at each store this week?


“CINDE is a game-changer and adds significant advantage and capabilities to retailers in their day-to-day challenges of serving the ever-changing needs of customers,” said Joan Lewis, Principal, Joan Lewis Consulting; Former SVP of Consumer and Market Knowledge, Procter and Gamble. “She provides conversational insights and actions for execution that would take teams of analysts weeks to produce, meaning users would be taking action on stale data.”

CINDE provides retail executives and category managers with real business benefits, enabling them to be more nimble in the ever-evolving challenges of customer-centric and competitive decisions to grow their revenue and margins. She provides alerts and notifications of trends and events, using predictive intelligence to suggest the next best actions, enabling retailers to seize opportunities.

SymphonyAI has introduced CINDE into its category management client base, with plans to utilize her in other areas of its retail portfolio over the coming months.

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