Welcome to Symphony RetailAI Support.

With an ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction we provide comprehensive support services and expertise to optimize your system’s performance and ensure you get the maximum benefit from our solutions.

Our skilled support representatives bring decades of collective experience working with retailers, manufacturers and distributors to effectively manage any issue you may encounter in a professional, responsive manner. We value our long term customer relationships and our goal is to consistently provide superior customer support that ensures you get the best value from your Symphony RetailAI solution.

  • Customer Intelligence Division – EYC

    Customer Intelligence Division (EYC)

    Our services include:

    • Application training for users and developers
    • Project validation and audits
    • Best practice migration and upgrades
    • Technical support provided both on demand and on site/remote

    The Customer Support Portal is available 24/7/365 to Customer Intelligence Division software users.
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  • Retail Solutions Division – GOLD

    Retail Solutions Division (GOLD)

    Our services include:

    • Technical support provided remotely on demand, or optionally on-site
    • System performance validation and audits
    • Best practice migrations and upgrades
    • Application licensing
    • Extended hours support
    • Optional managed services
    • Regular data loads and data management

    The Customer Support Portal is available 24/7/365 to Retail Solutions Division software users including Category Planning, Apollo, ENGAGE as well as Merchandising and Category Management customers.

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    Contact our Customer Support Team, including the following information: your name; company name; phone number; products you are using, including version and platform; any issues you are currently encountering.

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    Knowledge Base

    The Retail Solutions Division Knowledge Base is easily accessed via the Customer Support Portal.  This invaluable resource enables you to quickly find relevant information about the Symphony RetailAI solutions used within your organization.

    Support Portal and Knowledge Base Overview

    Lifetime Support Policy

    We provide guaranteed support over the lifetime of your engagement, with structured yet flexible support offerings to secure and maximize your investment in your company’s future. We will enable you to anticipate and control your upgrade path to suit your growth strategies. Download our flexible and easy to follow Lifetime Support Policy to learn more:

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The Customer Support Portal is available 24/7/365 to Symphony RetailAI software users.

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