Warehouse operations synchronized with supply chain for automated and simplified operations.

In today’s complex retail and wholesale environment, supply chain logistics are anything but simple. And with the warehouse at the heart of getting goods where they need to be, it’s critical that warehouse operations run smoothly, efficiently, and most important, accurately.

Reduction in pick-error rates via voice-directed warehousing
Increase in productivity through warehouse optimization
Increase in inventory accuracy

A complete range of warehouse operations and inventory management features for omnichannel retail

Knowledge is power. And powerful organizations know that control and accuracy are essential when there are so many moving pieces to manage. Today’s warehouse management system must provide flexibility and scalability to adapt, all with greater efficiency and simplified operations at the core.

Mobile and hands-free in the warehouse

Today’s warehouses boast new approaches and technologies. Voice-directed warehousing shows increased productivity and reduced errors. SymphonyAI’s warehouse operations and inventory management software supports personnel using wearables for hands-free work. Mobile phones and smart devices contribute to new uses such as apps that deliver a real-time view to inventory, service, and stock levels and replenishment tasks, enables them to drive overall warehouse performance from the palm of their hands.

Warehouse Operations and Inventory Management

Live insights into what’s happening in your warehouses

Retailers must easily manage all warehouse operations – ship-to-store, fresh prepared foods, direct-to-consumer shipping, etc. – in one view. And they must be able to measure productivity and recognize if any given product is yet to be received in the warehouse, already in-store, unfulfilled, or in transit. Our singular warehouse and inventory management system has major benefits across the omnichannel supply chain, quickly and correctly executing the movement of goods.

Warehouse Operations Management

Real-time activities for real

Changes to operations? Inventory to count? Eliminate these challenges with real-time slotting optimization so the warehouse stays running. Critical upgrades are not delayed and business smoothly continues.

Capacity planning or cycle counting? Having a real-time system that always looks at the big picture and makes the best decision as to what each operator needs to do next, will have an immediate positive impact on your warehouse operations.

Warehouse Inventory Management

WMS that is integral to supply chain

SymphonyAI’s WMS solutions are easy to deploy, whether on cloud or on-prem. Need to upgrade? It’s turnkey with us. And our solutions are scalable to change with the changing needs of your business and they require minimal workforce training.

Deciding to introduce new technology to the warehouse should breathe new life into your warehouse operations, not burden it with learning curves, and delayed user acceptance.

Retail Warehouse Management

Fresh is what customers want

Fresh products are more key than ever, yet for most retailers, they add an additional level of challenge to manage through the warehouse.

With SymphonyAI’s warehouse management system, you’ll easily get fresh product to the shelf in the condition that customers expect, when they expect it. So, whether it’s daily or intra-daily fulfillment for the produce section or for in-store food production, our solution is a fresh answer for customer satisfaction.

Fresh Item Warehouse Management

To improve productivity further, Atlantic Grupa introduced multi-level picking. Within the first year of implementation, the company gained a 7% overall increase in productivity and 50% decrease in picking errors.

Atlantic Grupa Case study
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