Optimize accuracy and eliminate risk in your warehouse

In today’s complex retail and wholesale environment, supply chain logistics are anything but simple. And the warehouse is the heart of getting goods where they need to be. To keep that heart beating, it’s critical that operations run smoothly, efficiently and, most important, accurately.

Reduction in pick-error rates via voice-directed warehousing
Increase in productivity through warehouse optimization
Increase in inventory accuracy

Smart device + voice-directed warehousing operations = proven ROI

Hands-free, eyes-free, and no reading to slow down the operator have proven uplifts in efficiency over and over again. No more wasted motions and hours spent training with Symphony RetailAI Warehouse Voice.

Voice-directed picking

Deploy with Symphony RetailAI’s WMS or compliment any legacy WMS or ERP solution. Symphony RetailAI’s voice solution empowers personnel with voice-guided warehouse picking. Associates are directed where to go in warehouse to pick, the right location is confirmed through the device before picking begins and the application confirms picking has been executed.

Can be used by any employee, pay per device not user. Compatible with GS1 standards for traceability and rich feature capabilities like multi-customer, multi-pallet preparation even a custom development kit so you can incorporate your unique processes.

Future Proof your warehouse

Voice is a must have to move you into the future with quick easy ROI. Moving to smart devices for your voice-directed warehouse operations should be a question of when and not if. A solution that starts to pay for itself from day one and reduces pick error rates by 80% should be a high priority for businesses needing to take their warehouse operations to the next level.

Agnostic & Flexible

Faster deployments, lower hardware costs and faster user adoption all help to reduce the total cost of ownership of a smart device solution. The cost of investment in legacy systems is high, not to mention multiple different dedicated hand-held devices and associated support costs.

Having a preconfigured, out of the box device that can literally be switched on and ready to go is highly efficient, particularly if the business employs seasonal or temporary workers.

Low cost of ownership

Smart devices support voice, screen-based applications, bar code/RFID scanning, imaging and various other input methods. And, because it’s smart, it’s easy for operators to see or sort pick-lists, scan lot or serial numbers with several characters or even manually enter them via the keypad. This fosters faster adoption. Hardware costs are lower and deployment is quick for an overall win for total cost of ownership of a smart-device solution. The cost of investment in legacy systems is high, not to mention multiple different dedicated hand-held devices and associated support costs.

We’ve been able to automate and optimize our processes in everything from assortment and shelf replenishment to preparing orders for our customers

Andrija Derezic CIO
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