Faster, more informed decisions = greater efficiencies

Time is money. Fast, accurate information is advantage.

For FMCG retail, speed and accuracy of decision making is critically dependent upon accessing relevant and timely information. Symphony RetailAI’s Supply Chain Insights enables immediate access to all critical retail functions — replenishment, warehouse operations, and channels – in a concise, real-time dashboard.

Inventory reduction
Reduction in out of stocks
Waste reduction

Consolidated. Conclusive. Intelligence is your competitive edge.

Today’s retailers need to be able to consolidate a high volume of information into an easy-to-digest business intelligence package. Whether managing promotions, productivity or store planning, Symphony RetailAI Supply Chain Insights delivers the right information to the right people, at the right time.

A 360-degree view… in the palm of your hand

For success in today’s marketplace, supply chain managers need a clear view of all inventory. And store associates need advantage to improve productivity and customer in-store satisfaction.

Our solution enables real-time, desktop and mobile updates on sales and inventory. Store managers and associates can monitor inventory to reduce out-of-stocks and overages and use sales data to analyze baskets by product, price and related items.

From insights to informed decisions

With Symphony RetailAI Store Operations, it doesn’t get more accurate or easy. Our solution enables full store and channel insights for more informed decisions, from sales and margin, sales comparisons, in-stock rates to stock levels.

Supply chain managers can monitor order proposals, adjustments, forecast quality, and service rates to measure performance. Data is delivered in detail or big picture…and on any device.

“Warehouse”, not “wherehouse”

How can you ensure product availability when you can’t see into every warehouse?

Symphony RetailAI Supply Chain Insights improves retail operations and gives managers instant visibility into global warehouse operations and resource allocation. They’ll optimize truck loading, receiving productivity and processing time. And they’ll gain a unified view of all activity including product quality and order delays and shortages.

Big picture or detail – accurate replenishment data

Our solution helps supply chain managers monitor all buying order proposals, adjustments, and forecast quality to measure performance.

They’ll make forecast and replenishment decisions with powerful inventory detail that provides a 360° view. When you can monitor inventory levels across all locations and customize your own KPIs, you’ll analyze stock and delivery forecasts to optimize warehouse productivity –  which enables you to get the right products to the right place at the right time.

We need to align ourselves with our customer base from a forecasting perspective, so we can ensure we have their needs correctly identified. We then need to align better with our supplier base, to ensure that they are producing product in the ample supply to meet the needs of those customers.

Jason Burnett VP Inventory Management
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