Enable store associates to be 2x-3x more efficient

Tie your store and channel operations into one mobile operating unit, Symphony RetailAI empowers associates to collaborate with corporate to increase store sales by optimizing category space and improve store efficiency and competitiveness

Uplift in productivity with low touch, zero-training operations application
Reduction in out of stock with and operationally orchestrated supply chain
Waste reduction waste with instant insights connected to operations

Power in the Palm of your hands

Knowledge is power. And powerful organizations effectively share it to enhance collective output from corporate to store associates. But to do this, users must have seamless access to inventory data via a single operational platform.

Low-touch, low-cost, zero-training

Store managers face multiple challenges every day. They strive to increase customer loyalty and revenues while achieving and maintaining efficient use of store resources and store competitiveness. We make it simple, powerful and flexible with Store Mobility. Our application is guided, monitored and, best of all, requires minimal training. Give store associates dynamic to-do lists, task-guided workflows and built in analytics and rules, all with access to required data for improved efficiencies.

Powers the consumer connection

Empowering store associates with information at their fingertips enables them to better serve the consumer. With mobile access to product orders, inventory and insights on the store floor, retailers do not have to restart the conversation every time a customer comes into the store.

Mobility bridges the gap between the customer’s online activity and the store visit, making shoppers feel connected, retaining their loyalty.

Unified, connected operations

Discover the advantage of one platform connecting inventory and data visibility from customer to store to corporate. From merchandising, category managers to store managers, all the roles are connected and communicating.

Integrated online and back office systems installed l Hybrid (App installation) or web browser. Smartphones / PDA / Tablets with flexible install location at a time options to grow at your own pace

Utilizing any app enables low cost technology that can be deployed at your own pace gaining Incremental corporate profits down to each store.

Future ready voice-directed technology

Take productivity to the next level by connecting voice to mobility for simplified order picking. Training associates on voice is much faster and more efficient when bringing in seasonal workers during peak periods. Our solutions help organizations optimize picking operations and minimize errors, all at a lower total cost of ownership. All hands-free, on any device. Online and store order fulfilment to manage bulk orders for hundreds of customers for home delivery or instore pick up.

We’ve been able to automate and optimize our processes in everything from assortment and shelf replenishment to preparing orders for our customers

Andrija Derezic CIO
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