10X Increased productivity with synchronized data

Utilizing the power of a single platform, designed for retail, enables synchronization of disparate business process and collaboration across partners for competitive advantage.

Faster time to market from months and weeks to hours.
Reduction in data maintenance costs
Stores on a single system

Data is the power to serve your customers.

Streamline data as an asset across the organization and effectively govern all channels with real-time visibility of products, prices, locations, vendors and customers. This 360-degree view throughout the business supports the agile decisions for managing merchandise that retailers need to serve customers.

Rethink Master Data Management

From purchasing to fulfillment and store operations, Symphony RetailAI’s master data management solution effectively maintains data integrity, provides collaborative communications and shared access to data, while supporting wholesale, franchise and digital operations. It reduces expenditures and risk and creates advantage over competitors.

One version of the truth

Disparate systems cause inefficiency and create data inconsistencies in the organization, for example, between HQ and stores. That’s no way to compete for customers in today’s marketplace. Our retail master data management platform connects siloed data so retailers have one solution for visibility to get answers — increasing speed and accuracy — which boosts customer satisfaction and confidence. It also connects with our suite of supply chain solutions.

Improved supply chain productivity for retailers

Omnichannel doesn’t have to mean omnistruggle. Yet, without organization-wide processes to effectively manage merchandise, retailers strain to track all cost of goods components. Add to this, lack of rule-based decisions to set prices, or overly reactive responses to competitive prices, reducing margin, and it’s a recipe for inefficiency.

Symphony RetailAI Master Data Management gives visibility to data that enable accurate, agile and confident action for all business users.

Support your ecosystem

Wholesale, distributor or franchises share data with common services from which all applications feed. Easily access information for new vendor and item setup, customer billing, local assortment, ordering pricing scenarios and more.

Our master data management solution ensures accurate digital management of systems across locations, vendors and customers. It enables an easy one-to-many relationship, with features like our vendor portal and customizable workflows, just to name a few.

The end goal is to have one version of the truth for our data to make better decisions and to have predictive capability in our demand forecasting and more accuracy in our inventory. That leads to the right assortment in front of their customers with the right pricing –  all the while being able to provide a more personalized experience.

Alicia Samuel Director IT Business Solutions
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