Reduce cost-to-serve and improve service with a singular view of inventory

Leverage optimization, monitoring, alerting and traceability tools in one inventory platform to reduce cost-to-serve and efficiently get what customers want on shelf.

Inventory reduction
Service improvement
Waste reduction

Inventory Management makes it possible and easy

As supply chains become constantly more complex in support of omnichannel retailing, it’s critical for retailers to have a solution that enables agility and cost-effective inventory fulfillment, eliminating IT cost and overhead associated with supporting the business and maintaining separate applications.

Retail-specific events monitoring

We have years of expertise in high-volume retail, so we know that having visibility into disparate supply chain sources is critical. Symphony RetailAI Inventory Management has a unified view of the entire supply chain and gives multiple and customizable alerts managed by a real-time agent that communicates to users as they prefer to be notified. This constant examination of the supply chain eliminates personnel inefficiencies and lets users know exactly where to focus.

Supply Chain Inventory Management

Never wonder where products are

How can you please the customer if you don’t have a clear view of your supply chain and the products in it? Our inventory system provides a key element to inventory management with seamless traceability across the entire supply chain from each touch point: supplier, warehouse, store, customer. We use a primary data element to track products and, to meet stringent industry regulations, our solution easily traces key product details in addition to product whereabouts.

FMCG Retail Inventory System

Complex made simple: Traceability

Consumers want to know where their food comes from. Our inventory management software tracks origin and analyzes what food contains, providing transparency to ingredient/fresh data elements – measurements, packaging, sourcing, nutritional information, allergen containment and more. In addition, our solutions easily handles catch-weight items and the complexity of multiple selling units. This is more key than ever with fresh item management.

Supply Chain Inventory System

Good for the business, good for the planet

Waste isn’t good for anyone. Today’s leading retailers understand their increasing responsibility to eliminate waste and, as a result, require efficient food chain improvements where waste reduction is monitored. It’s important to have visibility to use-by dates and plan not to exceed them. Symphony RetailAI Inventory Management provides alerts to indicate issues with use-by dates as well as corrective recommendations so that users can react quickly.

Inventory Management for FMCG

The number one driver of customer satisfaction is ‘in-stock.’ People come because they want to buy what’s on their shopping list.

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