Reduce waste by up to 45% and manage all ingredients in the same engine as supply chain

When it comes to kitchen, fresh and prepared food management, your supply chain must connect to master data, and production scheduling across all sites while anticipating costs and vendor collaboration. Anything less is a recipe for failure. ​

Improved product quality and freshness
Improvement in customer experience and satisfaction
Productivity improvement with fresh insights

Fresh Item Management software makes it easier

Shopper expectations for fresh foods are high and managing prepared foods is complex. Today’s fresh item and kitchen management solutions must be scalable, interconnected, and at the heart of the enterprise solution. An integrated fresh item management system means full transparency from farm to plate.

Connect your supply chain to master data

For competitive kitchen, fresh, and prepared food management, your supply chain must connect to master data, your production scheduling must include in-store and central sites, and your cost estimates must anticipate recipe management, pricing and vendor collaboration.

In today’s volatile Supply Chain ecosystem transparency is imperative. Our supply chain waste management software enables the tracking and transformation of your products, which is key to providing visibility to inventory levels and making the best use of shelf life.

Fresh Item Management Software

Production operations made easy

With today’s focus on fresh and prepared foods – whether a salad in the deli or full meal in a grocerant – accurate scheduling production, either in centralized kitchens or on-site, is more critical than ever. You must balance production/spoilage and can’t afford to overproduce items that have short shelf life and fast spoilage rates – and SymphonyAI’s kitchen inventory management solution enables optimized supply chain waste management, allowing you to do just that.

Meeting daily or intra-daily demands, our solution gives visibility to in-progress production counts through the entire production lifecycle and forecasted production orders.

Kitchen Management Software

Anticipate costs and complexity for recipe management

Whether you’re a chef, deli, kitchen or store manager. SymphonyAI Kitchen Management makes true recipe build and nutrition calculation is easy and accurate.

As ingredient costs fluctuate, you need to understand impacts to profitability. Our solution increases profitability of finished goods via a recipe cost-to-produce analysis and valuation of inventory, so you have a handle on recipes, effortlessly minimizing waste, saving time and money.

Supply Chain Waste Management

Instant visibility, one platform

How do you ensure what comes through your supply chain ends up meeting the complex requirements of the retail shelf or food service? SymphonyAI Fresh Item Management is a true farm-to-fork solution that has visibility to ingredients and finished goods. It automates FMCG inventory transactions in the production process for ingredients and finished goods and allows for manual exceptions as needed.

Utilize supply chain waste management solutions to identify waste at the source and to account for all demand channels for fresh and prepared foods through day and intra-day forecasting and production.



Supply Chain Waste Management Software

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