Retail’s most accurate demand forecasting made easy

SymphonyAI Demand Forecasting significantly reduces manual intervention and improves accuracy that can drive millions in additional profit from decreased out-of-stocks, inventory, waste, and markdowns.


increased forecast accuracy


reduced manual intervention


fewer out-of-stocks


reduced inventory, waste, and markdowns

Introducing the Demand Planner Copilot

The Demand Planner Copilot is seamlessly integrated into Demand Forecasting and puts the power of a half dozen MBAs at the disposal of any demand planner or replenisher. Infused with the latest in predictive and generative AI, the Demand Planner Copilot can:

  • Simplify processes
  • Tackle complex questions
  • Explain key assumptions
  • Turn disparate data into informed decision-making

Increase reactivity and identify the specific actions to improve forecast accuracy and receive:

  • Increased product availability
  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Reduced waste and dead inventory

Use the power of AI for faster and more accurate demand forecasting

Retail demand planners and buyers face too many tools, data points, and insufficient time to manage everything. SymphonyAI Demand Forecasting uses advanced AI to address demand planning teams’ most critical pain points: time and accuracy.

Harnessing the power of AI for better forecast accuracy

SymphonyAI Demand Forecasting uses AI to mine complex data sets to deliver the market’s most accurate demand forecast. Use the power of AI to see the real trends, accounting for variability due to holidays, seasonal conditions, weather, monthly events, and third-party data. 

Get more time back in your day

SymphonyAI Demand Forecasting manages all production, model management, tuning, maintenance, and delivery for demand planners, so you can step away from monitoring and adjustments to focus on higher-priority activities.

A single solution for all your demand forecasting needs

Eliminate the need for multiple tools and touchpoints. SymphonyAI Demand Forecasting addresses nuances across the entire assortment, from fresh to new product launches, to slow-movers and regular volume – all in one solution.

Directly improve operational and financial performance

SymphonyAI Demand Forecasting delivers the results retailers need to directly improve ROI:

  • Improved forecast accuracy at the distribution center and store service level = increase sales
  • Increased demand planning team efficiency = scale without adding headcount and lessen the impact of turnover
  • Reduced waste/shrink/spoilage = improve margin
  • Reduced inventory levels = improve cash flow and balance sheet 

“This is brilliant. You have basically captured the essence of the demand planner’s job.”


“One of the critical things for our program rollout is the partnership that we have with SymphonyAI. It’s essential that we’re working together and we collaborate, and we’ve seen that so far on our project, which has been fantastic for us as a customer.”


Why SymphonyAI’s Demand Forecasting?

SymphonyAI Demand Forecasting is an AI-driven solution that redefines demand forecasting and gives retailers the agility and resilience to keep pace with today’s fast-changing market.

Accurate and explainable AI/ML-driven demand forecasts

Advanced machine learning ensures demand forecasts are accurate and stay accurate, and the underlying AI provides information on which factors fed the AI models and weighting so you can explain the results.

Full-service demand forecasting

Get your time back! Let AI manage the production, model management, tuning, maintenance, and delivery so you can focus on higher-value initiatives.

Comprehensive, best-in-class support

Receive daily support from SymphonyAI retail demand forecasting experts who will collaborate with you to tailor your solution and source new data to improve your forecast accuracy.

Purpose-built for FMCG and grocery

Work with software built from the ground up to meet FMCG and grocery volume, complexities, and requirements.

A single solution

Reduce data siloes, data re-entry, discrepancies, and disjointed views through a single, automated solution that covers your entire assortment.

Improved demand planning team efficiency

Remove the dependency on individual skillsets, allowing for scale without added headcount, and reducing the impact of turnover.

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