Reach new levels of fulfillment performance

The only AI-powered supply chain platform that automates and optimizes the entire replenishment and allocation process with a single view across your entire inventory.


purchase conditions optimization


reduced manual intervention


reduced inventory and markdowns


reduced order time for fresh and packaged products

Automate and optimize the end-to-end forecast and fulfillment process

SymphonyAI integrated inventory fulfillment solutions manage millions of item-location combinations so you can better meet customer demand and operational and financial goals.

Warehouse Replenishment

Support all logistics flows while automating and optimizing warehouse replenishment.

  • Replenishment for all item types via automated workflows and continuous optimization
  • Understand non-demand variables that are critical in determining your optimal order quantity for each warehouse, such as capacity, truck size, building, safety stock, and more
  • When coupled with SymphonyAI Demand Forecasting, you can gain a single, optimized, end-to-end inventory view to manage stock levels accurately, supporting center store, daily-priced goods, and fresh items

Store Replenishment

Automate the push and pull distribution over and above everyday replenishment logic:  

  • Automate store replenishment utilizing algorithms that fit the needs for all item behaviors from fresh to center store 
  • Specifically designed and tailored for critical factors that determine optimal order quantity, such as presentation stock, use-by-dates, on-hand, and in-transit 
  • Natively integrated with the SymphonyAI mobile application so store associates can view orders on the store floor 


Automate the push and pull distribution over and above everyday replenishment logic.

  • Addresses seasonal and high-volume products, promotions, overstock allocation, and more 
  • Oversee a holistic approach with fully integrated warehouse and store replenishment 
  • Raise fulfillment rates and reduce back-orders, cancellations, overstocks/out-of-stocks, and costly DC-to-DC and store-to-store transfers

“We’ve been able to automate and optimize our processes in everything from assortment and shelf replenishment to preparing orders for our customers”

Andrija Derezic, CIO, Mercator

“The end goal is to have one version of the truth for our data to make better decisions and to have predictive capability in our demand forecasting and more accuracy in our inventory. That leads to the right assortment in front of their customers with the right pricing –  all the while being able to provide a more personalized experience.”

Alicia Samuel, Director IT Business Solutions, Longo’s

“The implementation of SymphonyAI Warehouse Replenishment has made it possible to automate ordering tasks and thus free up time to reinvest in high added-value tasks such as performance analysis and development of deeper relations with suppliers.”

Franck Noel-Fontana, Director of Food Provisioning, Carrefour France

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