25% - 40% of allocations are unprofitable due to poor planning

Boost financial gains by aligning assortments, true demand and replenishment planning connected to Allocation. SymphonyAI Inventory Allocation puts big value on the table for the retailers who can then clearly understand inventory and distribution execution integral with the replenishment planning process.

Reduction in mark-downs with quick response to end-of-season distributions.
Reduction in inventory via more accurate distributions based on demand forecasting.
Increase productivity with one platform connected end to end replenishment process.

Allocation strategies just got easier

Today’s retailers know the importance of ensuring the right products are in the right place. But allocation doesn’t have to be so hard. With visibility of inventory across the entire supply chain, and optimized flow of products across all channels, it’s connected and it’s easy. ​

Continuous learning, best allocations

Whether it’s promotions, overstocks, seasonal allocations or other reason over and above replenishment logic, retailers require one version of the truth. But you don’t get there through guesswork.

SymphonyAI Allocation leverages a robust forecast that constantly evolves and improves using machine learning. It is then able to provide the supply chain planner with a holistic approach and accurate view for best fit allocations. The result is seamless, non-siloed coordination and the elimination of disparate solutions.

Retail/CPG Inventory Allocation

Flexibility, accuracy, speed

Our retail inventory allocation solution is designed to manage an item’s full lifecycle. Inbound to stores or outbound to DCs, by leveraging data, users can define allocations that are integral with replenishment. Decisions can be made in any direction – top down, bottom up or mixed. Flows can vary from one or multiple locations, direct to store, import facility to DCs to stores, pre-pack and cross dock even reverse logistic support (return from store to DC and then DC to supplier).

Inventory Allocation Software

Agile responses for disruptive times

The supply chain can be volatile, and retailers need the ability to respond to disruption quickly.

SymphonyAI Inventory Allocation facilitates a streamlined and automated approach to quickly get products to the stores that need them most while the inventory software maintains an understanding of distribution constraints in the supply chain. Flow variations are workflow-driven, time-phased and forward-looking and are preconfigured with analytics and alerts. In addition, supplier inventory can be applied to the plan as well as execution of seasonal or constrained distribution allocations.

Distribution Inventory Software

Not like other allocation tools

Flow your inventory through the supply chain easily with SymphonyAI’s Allocation fueled with Demand Forecasting AI. Forecasts feed through the supply chain for all activities that need it; automated replenishment and Allocation distributions.

With SymphonyAI distribution inventory software, you can automate the decision-making process for better supply chain replenishment strategies, especially for daily goods and fresh item management. Real-time, standard out of the box integrations work with any host system such as SAP, Oracle or Microsoft.

Retail Inventory Software

We’ve been able to automate and optimize our processes in everything from assortment and shelf replenishment to preparing orders for our customers

Andrija Derezic CIO
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