Collaborate to unify data, streamline processes and lower costs.

To succeed today, retailers and vendors must collaborate closely. If not, managing products and promotions from multiple suppliers – while tracking changing costs, discounts and conditions – can become a monumental task. Without unifying tools to coordinate every aspect of the vendor relationship — conditions, cost adjustments, discounts, and rebates as well as transfer, wholesale, franchise and cession costs — retailers become mired down in tedious, error-prone cycles of inefficiency.

SR Vendor Collaboration solutions provide unified data and better visibility to streamline processes and lower costs. They support ongoing communication on a single platform, ensuring real-time visibility and consistency across all channels and products, from ultra-fresh through to slow-moving goods. In addition, retailers gain collaborative tools to manage unlimited workflows with structured electronic routing and approvals for every item, speeding new product introductions and protect data integrity. Maximize the power of collaboration to succeed.

Key Capabilities:

  • Coordinate every aspect of supplier purchases, deals, costs, terms and conditions
  • Easily track changing costs, discounts and conditions
  • Simplify the complex task of coordinating product induction and management across many suppliers
  • Track details of deal tracking including payment and service terms, cost calendars and inventory

Key Benefits:

  • Improves speed to market for a competitive advantage
  • Reduces administration and improves data reliability and accuracy
  • Improves partnering between retailers and vendors

Vendor Collaboration products include:

  • SR Vendor Management

    Retailers gain tools for improved vendor management – commercial trading information, products, inventory, distribution, deals (terms and conditions), promotions and rebates.

  • SR Vendor Portal

    User access a flexible data portal that enables data and process collaboration between retailer and trade partners: products, purchasing, distribution, inventory, assortments, promotions, forecasts, and vendor dashboard.

  • SR Product Information Management

    Enables retailer and supplier collaborative workflow for product pre-referencing (new item introduction) and cataloguing.

  • SR Invoice Reconciliation

    Provides easy invoice reconciliation and matching, based on physical channel inventory management.


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