Consolidated. Conclusive. When you need it.

Time is money. It’s the one constant in the ever-changing world of retail operations. For retail managers of fast-moving consumer goods, the speed and accuracy of decision making is critically dependent upon accessing relevant and timely information. The difference between information compiled through traditional extraction and data sorting, and information that is ready to use when needed can translate into a significant and valuable edge in the marketplace.

With SR Supply Chain Insights, managers have immediate access to relevant and meaningful business information in a consolidated and up-to-the-minute dashboard view. They see all critical retail functions — replenishment, warehouse operations, channels, marketing, purchasing — right then. No waiting. Our solution delivers a higher volume of information translated into an easy to digest, relevant business intelligence package. And it’s available at greater frequency, speed, and diversity of formats than traditional data processing. Whether managing promotions, productivity or store planning, SR Supply Chain Insights puts the right information at the fingertips of the right people, at the right time.



Key Capabilities

  • Accesses data in near real-time; source data does not have to be “pulled”
  • Draw from disparate data sources to quickly serve reports for faster business decisions
  • Customizable reports avoid the need for building multiple reports
  • Serves greater volume of data, consolidated across multiple processes and channels

Key Benefits

  • Improves on-shelf product availability
  • Information is served in real-time and widely accessible variety of formats improves employee productivity
  • Improves decision making through a better understanding of past, present, and future
  • Massive organizational time saver. Processes high volume of data – billions of rows in seconds

Supply Chain Insights products include:

  • SR Channel Insights
    Significantly increase associate productivity and improve customers’ in-store satisfaction with real-time, mobile updates on sales and inventory. Store managers and associates can monitor inventory to reduce out-of-stocks and overages as well as use sales data to analyze baskets by product, price and related items.
  • SR Warehousing Insights
    Utilize instant visibility into global warehouse operations and resource allocation to measure supplier service rates, preparation productivity and order forecasts. Aggregate data from disparate sources into a unified view of all activity including receiving productivity, product quality and order delays and shortages.
  • SR Replenishment Insights
    Equip teams to make better forecasting and replenishment decisions with powerful inventory stratification that provides a 360° perspective. Monitor inventory levels across all locations to ensure the right products are in the right place at the right time and accurately analyze stock and delivery forecasts to optimize warehouse productivity.

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