Manage products from the corners of the globe . . . to your customers’ carts.

Retailers source products from thousands of manufacturers and suppliers around the world. The challenge of managing these extended supply chains can add staggering complexity to getting the products in the hands of consumers – when and where they want them. Add to this, increased online shopping and pick up options and fulfilling customer orders becomes a maze of potential pitfalls.

Our SR Order Fulfillment solutions help retailers manage orders and fulfillment across any channel – ensuring accuracy and providing convenience to customers. And with real-time visibility and unified inventory management capabilities, our solutions streamline and optimize the entire order management process from supplier to consumer. Dealing with import orders? Easy. You’ll be able to follow the progress of shipments at all points, from order creation to warehouse receipt, and efficiently manage exchange of data between all parties involved. Keep your customers happy. Give them what they want, how they want it, when they want it.

Key Capabilities

  • Enables order management from capture to fulfilment – from any origin
  • Facilitates importing with ease and confidence, adhering to requirements and regulations
  • Provide your customers convenient Click and Collect fulfilment
  • Ensures inventory availability across all channels to enable automatic execution of fulfillment based on what you have, what you need, where it needs to go and what the future holds – all orchestrated by a set of intelligent rules

Key Benefits

  • Vastly improved management of all channels
  • Enhanced customer loyalty through improved fulfillment via all channels
  • Simplifies global sourcing and enhances multi-supply chain visibility
  • Product quality and freshness improvements up to 45%
  • 20% inventory reduction, including food stock



Order Fulfillment products include:

  • SR Distributed Order Management

    Gives users easy enterprise inventory, order management and fulfilment across all channels (retail and wholesale) including logistics and order flows.

  • SR Click & Collect

    Retailer leverage order fulfillment, replenishment and inventory management for all retail commerce models. Consists of Drive Solo, Drive Co-located and e-commerce instore/dark store/warehouse order fulfilment for collect and home delivery.

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