Customers don’t care how complicated it is.

They expect more than ever before – every day. Customers want products to be available at the right time and at many points, with more in-store and home delivery options. As a result, retailers need to know how much inventory they have at a given time in any location. They must consider the impact of all marketing and merchandising decisions on their supply chains and cost to serve. How does a special retail event – a reformat, promotion, store opening – impact suppliers and product availability? How do you quickly and accurately trace key product details – allergens, nutrition, source, expiration dates – to meet consumer demand and industry regulations? Every day can be a daunting replay of inefficiency and costly mistakes without the right tools.

SR Inventory Management maximizes supply chain performance and reduces total cost-to-serve. Our solutions optimize, track and trace the flow of inventory, as well as proactively manage supply chain events. We transform the supply chain from a one-way push to an interactive system that uses automated modeling, improving response to customer demand – improving trust and customer loyalty. As the supply chain becomes more and more complex in support of omnichannel retailing, it’s critical for retailers to have a solution that enables agility and cost-effective inventory fulfillment.

Key Capabilities

  • Optimized inventory flows
  • Automated inventory management – from changes in assortments to introducing new products
  • Supply chain event management
  • Easily traces key product details to meet stringent industry regulations and consumer demand

Key Benefits

  • Enhances customer trust and loyalty through better fulfillment/customer service
  • Reduces cost-to-serve
  • Full retailer visibility and response into planned and unplanned event management such as rescheduling or product shortages
  • Improves efficiency and productivity – quickly assessing informational alerts – and shares between departments, eliminating siloed information

Inventory Management products include:

  • SR Events Monitoring

    Users gain easy-to-use enterprise, channel and supply chain events monitoring and alerting.

  • SR Supply Chain Tracking

    Retailers access traceability across the supply chain network (GS1 standards conformance).Retailers access traceability across the supply chain network (GS1 standards conformance).

  • SR Flow Optimization

    Users quickly and accurately optimize goods flow across the supply chain network for all channels.

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