Retail Supply Chain Managers

Flawed forecasts. Out of stocks. Overstocks. Every supply chain manager has been there. It’s simply unavoidable when you can’t see the whole picture. Once accepted as just “part of the business,” smart companies now understand that these mistakes are avoidable. They know that supply chain management isn’t a “back office” function anymore. It’s front and center, and it’s critical to what ends up in your customers’ hands.

Our Supply Chain Manager’s suite helps retailers build customer trust by ensuring product availability. With real-time visibility, you can transform the supply chain into an interactive operation. One that helps you manage and optimize every aspect from creating accurate forecasts, collaborating and ordering from vendors, tracking the flow of inventory and responding to customer demand – all while maximizing the entire supply chain performance at a lower total cost-to-serve.

Solutions for Retail Supply Chain Managers


SR Supply Chain Insights

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Gain insights and apply analytics that enable immediate, informed actions which make a difference to the business.

SR Inventory Management

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Maximize supply chain performance and reduce the total cost-to-serve. Optimize, track and trace the flow of inventory. Proactively manage supply chain events.

SR Replenishment Planning

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Satisfy your customers and reduce costs by accurately managing stock levels, increasing inventory throughput and optimizing operations. Gain visibility into every phase of the supply chain.

SR Order Fulfillment

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Manage orders and fulfillment across any channel – and ensure accuracy and provide maximum convenience to your customers.

SR Master Data Management

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Ensure the effective management of merchandise across all channels with unified retail master data management and real-time visibility of products, prices, locations, vendors and customers.

SR Vendor Collaboration

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Manage products and promotions from multiple suppliers. Track changing costs, discounts and other variables. Use unified data and better visibility to streamline processes and lower costs.

SR Logistics Operations

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Unify warehouse and goods handling operations within an integrated platform that offers real-time visibility for driving optimum performance at lower costs.

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