Store planning and assortment optimization doesn’t have to be a tall order.

Online shopping has forced retailers to rethink how they manage their most valuable asset – physical store space. They must deliver positive in-store experiences and drive higher performance and greater ROI. But when you manage multiple store sizes, formats and layouts, it can be very challenging to determine the best use of total floor space. What’s more, how do you ensure each floor planning strategy is implemented correctly at the store? Add to this that stores today have limited floor space, so retailers must improve performance while minimizing out-of-stocks without compromising the offer and assortment mix – all while growing the category. It’s enough to make your head spin.

That’s why our SR Store Planning and Optimization solution was built from the ground up to help retailers orchestrate the simultaneous objectives of optimizing their resources and moving business strategy and execution forward – while keeping a constant eye on pleasing the customers. Our solutions enable management of multiple store sizes and layouts by analyzing performance down to individual categories and items at store level. And we connect headquarters and stores to ensure that relevant plans are communicated to everyone who needs to know. Store Planning and Optimization also minimizes out-of-stocks without compromising the offer and assortment relevancy. It does this by identifying the correct space for optimized assortments that will support optimal inventory and achieve high on-shelf availability.

Key Capabilities

  • Identifies correct space for optimized assortments, supporting inventory to achieve high on-shelf availability
  • Maximizes performance of total store floor space and increase employee productivity
  • Right-sizes category space to fit optimized assortments

Key Benefits

  • Drives merchandising visibility throughout the organization
  • Improves employee productivity and increases speed to market
  • Increases customer satisfaction through improved in-store experience

Store Planning and Optimization products include:

  • SR Floor Planning

    Transform store layouts using a simple and efficient collaborative workflow. It brings together AutoCAD floorplans, planograms and performance data to create better, more profitable store plans. Integrates with SR Virtual Store to visualize layouts.

  • SR Category Space Optimization

    Accurately understands store space, item performance, customer insight and planogram data and identify high performing category space reallocations that increase the value of the downstream assortment optimization process.

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