Easily manage business operations with unified visibility.

Managing operations for multiple business formats or sales channels — supermarkets, hypermarkets, c-stores, online, mobile, or click and collect — can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be. When we designed our SR Store and Channel Management solution we understood that retailers require unified control of and visibility to all operations across any channel, and a seamless link between channel and central operations.

If you’re like many retailers, it’s likely time to liberate your data. Get this critical intelligence out of the back office and into the hands of those that need it across the enterprise. For example, grocers, food chains and concessions are facing increased traceability challenges. Tracking products from the field to the fork requires timely synchronization of recipe ingredients through the entire supply chain. Our solution forecasts consumption of specific recipes in each outlet, meeting demand while minimizing waste, addressing variations in consumption, seasonal availability and evolving regulations.

Key Capabilities:

  • Complete store and channel insights, enabling more informed decisions, from sales and margin, sales comparisons, in-stock rates to stock levels, and more
  • Manage inventory from farm to table
  • In-store mobile technology that enhances control, visibility and customer service for store operations
  • Real-time omnichannel ordering for fully stocked and connected shelves

Key Benefits:

  • Drastically reduces channel management complexity and increases efficacy
  • Improves productivity and decisions, ensuring positive, localized customer experiences, with as much at 18% improved customer experiences
  • Raises “organizational intelligence” by easily sharing data with those in the enterprise that require it
  • Retailers can see as much as 45% waste reduction

Store and Channel products include:

  • SR Kitchen Management

    Offers centralized menus and recipes for ingredients, recipes developed and meal items offered to shoppers/dining guests. Full recipe and menu production to support a kitchen or restaurant needs through to corporate requirements planning for a retail chain: Integrated food and beverage and fresh convenience management with full transparency from farm to plate for forecasting and inventory, products ordered, deliveries received, recipes developed and meal items offered to shopper/dining guests.

  • SR Store Operations

    Enables retailers with centralized or decentralized back-office channel operations including product, price and supplier control, replenishment, returns, price and promotion management, transfers, assisted sales and inventory management.

  • SR Store Mobility

    Provides in-store mobile device store operations.

  • SR Direct Store Delivery

    For store operations, manage product, price and invoice management of supplier store-delivered items.

  • SR Channel Insights

    Manage inventory and store/channel operational diagnostics.

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