Retail Store Management

Customer shopping habits are constantly changing. To create the best experience for today’s shopper and to maximize sales, store associates and their counterparts at head office need collaborative, intelligent and easy-to-use tools at their side – since customer satisfaction, competitiveness and efficiency go hand in hand.

Increase efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, grow

“What’s your favorite brand?” Ask anyone and they usually mention the same characteristics: great customer service, selection, ease of interaction — it all comes down to efficiency.

Our Store Management Suite enables store associates and managers to easily collaborate closely with corporate to plan and optimize store space. In fact, it optimizes space to achieve up to 6% sales growth in a department or aisle. We do this by leveraging the latest 3D and virtual reality technologies to design, test and execute highly effective layouts, shelf loading and category concepts. We’re also using some of the same mobile technologies that are in the hands of consumers and equipping store associates with tools that provide real-time, accurate inventory views and intelligence enabling them to be more efficient and ultimately provide more value to their customers.

Solutions for Retail Store Management


SR Store Planning and Optimization

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Transform store layouts using a simple and efficient collaborative workflow. Bring together AutoCAD floorplans, planograms and performance data to create better, more profitable store plans.

SR Virtual Store Remodeling

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Use virtual reality to digitally build precise and realistic store layouts to test customer flow, queuing, planograms and product placement.

SR Store and Channel Management

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Manage operations for multiple business formats or sales channels — e.g. supermarkets, hypermarkets, mobile, web or click and collect. Gain unified control and visibility over all operations across any channel to improve productivity and decisions.

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