Vendor collaboration - with the right solution, 1+1=5

When teams collaborate efficiently, their unified output equals far more than the sum of each team. Symphony RetailAI vendor collaboration software speeds time to market for new items introductions, reduces manual labor and resulting errors, enhances tracking of vendors discounts and trade fund management and more. This means getting the right products in front of customers – faster.

Improvement in product quality & freshness
Reduction in data-centric process
Improved speed to shelf

Manage products and promotions from multiple suppliers?

Our customers do every day – easily. From our years in FMCG retail, we’ve build a secure, proprietary workflow system for vendor collaboration. It enables data and business collaboration with input and approval steps to ensure data accuracy. Not one-size-fits-all, we’ve built fully customizable screens & workflows that allow you to adjust to your individual vendor network needs.

Unifying tools that coordinate all aspects of supply relationships

With the right vendor collaboration solution, life becomes simpler. Conditions, cost adjustments, discounts, and rebates as well as transfer, wholesale, franchise and cession costs — all fit nicely into a unified system that removes tedious error-prone cycles of inefficiency.

In addition, Symphony RetailAI’s solution simplifies the complex task of coordinating product induction and management across many suppliers.

Easily manage nutrition and food safety

Today’s consumers are more health-conscious than ever before. Fresh and other local products are critical to retailers’ competitive edge, yet they can present a particular challenge when managing the detailed product information required by today’s smart customers.

Whether it’s origin, listing allergens, or any other food safety data, Symphony Vendor Collaboration makes it easy to do.

We need to align ourselves with our customer base from a forecasting perspective, so we can ensure we have their needs correctly identified. We then need to align better with our supplier base, to ensure that they are producing product in the ample supply to meet the needs of those customers.

Jason Burnett VP Inventory Management