Unique store operations tools for planning and execution

Symphony RetailAI Store Operations enables true in-store mobility and complete store and channel insights, which means more informed decisions. This reduces channel management complexity and increases efficiency. It raises organizational intelligence and improves productivity and decisions, ensuring positive, localized customer experiences.

Improvement in customer experience
Reduction in waste
Improvement in out of stocks

Unified store operations and channel management

A unified store and channel management platform reduces costs, increases sales and improves customer experience. Symphony RetailAI’s solution gives retailers centralized or decentralized back-office channel operations including product, price and supplier control, replenishment, returns, price and promotion management, transfers, assisted sales and inventory management.

Power in the palms of their hands

When store associates are comfortable with technology, they’re more efficient and their ability to help customer profoundly increases.

Our store operations and channel management solution enables associates to use a smart phone app that is connected to supply chain and inventory, enhancing control and inventory visibility while guiding workers through tasks to manage shelf loading, price changes to increase efficiency and optimize on shelf availability.

Drastically reduce out of stocks from fresh to frozen foods

Whether it’s kitchen management for prepared foods and recipes or the daily and intra-daily replenishment for fresh, our store operations solution gives full transparency from farm to plate for forecasting and inventory, products ordered, deliveries received, recipes developed and meal items offered. Users leverage real-time omnichannel ordering for fully stocked and connected shelves…and happier customers.

React quicker. Rapidly restock. It’s omnisimple.

Stores need to meet the demands of omnichannel orders and increase profits. That’s why Symphony RetailAI Store Operations has modular, yet fully integrated, omnichannel order fulfillment, click & collect and WMS ― combined with a single view of physical inventory.

And our distributed order management layers logic into order management with a rules engine to automate execution, accelerate response times and improve decision-making.

The number one driver of customer satisfaction is ‘in-stock.’ People come because they want to buy what’s on their shopping list.

Louis Penny CIO