Use virtual reality to understand shopper insights and their EQ

Understand your shoppers’ true emotional quotient (EQ) by analyzing cognitive behaviors and patterns in multiple simulated virtual environments. Symphony RetailAI Shopper Experience Insights allows you to make critical product branding, merchandising, promotions, pricing and retail store capex decisions by evaluating returns that go beyond just financial modeling.

Rapid product innovation with quick customer validation
Optimization in space by analysis of shopper traffic patterns
ROI in product placement by understanding shopper findability

Build the right strategy with research, analysis and validated shopper insights

The best business decisions come from the right data, and with the in-store shopper experience being key to retail success, quick access to this information is key. Know precisely how shoppers will be impacted by store layout and the design of specific customer touchpoints by using virtual reality as a test-and-learn customer research tool that ensures you maximize your business value.

Quantitative analysis

Symphony RetailAI Shopper Experience Insights Lab helps retailers understand the natural responses of shoppers in a virtual environment. We leverage our vast panel data to gain deep insight. And we make it easy to immerse the customer into a virtual world with a simplified web and mobile platform.

You’ll study multiple variations of hypothesis, and measure customer responses that include: heat map analysis, time spent, findability or shop-ability studies, and responses to pre- and post-screener questionnaires.

Qualitative analysis

Fully immerse a pre-recruited focus group in a simulated virtual environment with a targeted trip mission.

Symphony RetailAI’s solution enables you to conduct highly informative multi-cell research to validate hypothesis and understand users’ full cognitive responses using SEQ™ that consists of:  behavioral analysis, neural studies (eye tracking, traffic patterns), attention analysis (gaze and fixations), time spent at task, trip mission success, and user responses to questions.

Confidently build the shopper experience with data & analytics

It’s about experiences. Shoppers are the disruptors and expect novel and meaningful interaction at the shelf.

Using sales and transactional data along with shopper experience research, Symphony RetailAI enables optimal shopper-driven insight that provides a holistic view. From this, we help retailers and consumer packaged goods companies to identify growth opportunities, and actions to improve the shopper experience while focused on growth.

The Difference You’ll See

Streamlined process and deliverables 

Smoother work processes, innovation and experimentation through all levels of the store.

Focused, analytical insights

Looking for validated hypothesis or maximized return on capex investments? We’ll provide you with the right analytic results by truly understanding the mind of the shopper.

Simplified engagement models

We provide value in analytical insights through a fully managed operation, taking care of the process, procedures and the execution of the study.

Virtual allows you to take those creative leaps and take something that is an idea and turn that into a virtual reality

Kenny Endermuhle Senior Manager of Retail Innovation Strategy
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