Consumer insight, activation, realization of new opportunities.

When retailers and suppliers have user-friendly data views and instant access to metrics illustrated through clear, immersive visuals for each answer, opportunities come into view. These insights, backed by customer data and elevated through CINDE – the industry’s first AI-powered personal decision coach – enable easier, more confident decision making. It also makes the customer and sales bloodstream of your business visible, intelligible, and actionable for decision makers – from the analyst to the executive alike.

Increase in sales
Average category lift through supplier collaboration

Track all key customer and product performance. Drive sales.

What are the main drivers of sales trends? Sales within a customer segment, store or category? Share of wallet? Trade area competition? Ask away and let Symphony RetailAI Customer Insights answer. You’ll respond faster to market changes with easy access to deep analytical power providing sales and consumer insights to drive continued category growth ― all while improving customer loyalty.

Understand your customer better

It’s not just about what customers buy.

Symphony RetailAI Customer Insights enables you to understand the customer more deeply. Only then can you impact the journey by seeing what they buy and how they interact with other products. When you know this and the source of sales, you improve promotional and merchandising efficacy and sales at the item level. In addition, you gain faster response time to market changes, making you more competitive.

Reporting for actions and results

You can’t fix what you can’t see.

Our plan vs. execution report attributes root cause to sales and margin issues. Staff access detailed reports: customer profiles, migration, basket analysis, item analysis, event analysis, switching behavior, distribution, new product introduction, and topline business and category review. These views enable the quick identification of issues, and the ability to respond. Users also see metrics for each UPC in each store and can create their own reports as needed.

Trade area competition, share of wallet

It’s key for retailers to understand the competitive landscape and how they are affected by it.

Symphony RetailAI Customer Insights enables proximity impact insights, sales and growth for stores facing each competitor. This gives fact-based context for users to make key decisions. In addition, retailers can track share of wallet. For example, for a regular shop, what percentage of spend they receive vs. the competition. Even share of trips to competition and time spent there – including online shopping.

Easily track the four Ps

Symphony RetailAI’s customer insight solution is designed with access to customer segmentations with a segment strategy overlap for the 4 Ps. Users gain insight on product interactions and new product tracking. They also get price awareness through our price sensitivity segmentation.

In addition, they’ll understand geographic (place) behavior from divisions to individual store behavior. And staff can analyze promotional events with our Event Impact Analyzer and buy customer segments.

fresh produce on promotion

Cross-retailer data insights for CPGs

It’s your data. Understand it and put it to work. But how do you aggregate it when it’s spread across so many partners?

CPG manufacturers have traditionally been challenged to gain this holistic view of data across categories and retailers. Symphony RetailAI Customer Insights makes it easy for CPGs to understand all of their data, even data for rest of market. Our solution synthesizes your data and provides immersive, easy-to-use insights that are actionable, so you can extract the true value from it.

When we started our loyalty program, we got six million trackable customers at one go. Together with Symphony RetailAI we then started to analyze this valuable data and began to use it to be more relevant in our customer communications through personalization. Beyond that, Symphony RetailAI analytics and tools helps us to optimize our core business like finding the right prices, products and promotions.

Dr. Lorenz Determann Head of Tools & Analytics