Generate optimized revenue growth management plans for all channels and all retailers

Seize hidden revenue opportunities, uncover issues and solve them before they become problems. The days of searching hundreds of reports to discover problems is in the past. Symphony RetailAI’s AI-enabled software enables you to get a comprehensive view of all channels, all retailers, all markets and all products to enable you to improve your plan performance. Generate optimized plans for all promoted product groups for each channel, each retailer and each market.

Improves productivity
Improves sales growth
Increases margin

Predict future business performance and projected gaps vs. plans

With Symphony RetailAI’s new Revenue Growth Management Solution Suite, CPGs can uncover hidden opportunities that increase revenue and margins and maximize the effectiveness of trade spend. With AI, they have the power to sense, predict and shape market level dynamics to optimize strategies around product, price, promotion, space, assortment and inventory.

Track and manage revenue growth.  Improve performance.

Symphony RetailAI Revenue Growth Management monitors spend effectiveness and competitive position, senses trends by channel and market for every brand and every promoted product group and provides prescriptive guidance on the best course of action to create incremental efficiency gains and margin improvements. CPGs can dynamically adjust plans to correct performance gaps.

Create win-win retailer plans guided by global strategies

Our solution evaluates hundreds of thousands of scenarios, learns and automatically finds the best plans across all channels and customers for enterprise and retailer priorities. It considers complex global tradeoffs and interactions on pricing, timing, mechanics and investment across retailers, saving time, improving revenues, margins and returns on trade investments.

Proper planning. Revenue discovery. Fast.

  1. Translate corporate strategies into optimized plans
  2. Automatically generate plans optimized across all channels and customers for global priorities
  3. Balance hundreds of complex global tradeoffs, constraints conflicts and interactions across retailers on pricing, frequency and depth.
  4. Create plans for each channel, retailer and market optimized for both brand and category.

The Difference You’ll See

Discover new growth opportunities

Automatically find hidden revenue opportunities with AI and machine learning. Beat your numbers.

Save time and speed execution

Your team no longer must search hundreds of reports to uncover problems. Explores alternatives and suggests best actions.

Improve performance to plan

Quickly and accurately predict future business performance and projected gaps against plans.

When we started our loyalty program, we got six million trackable customers at one go. Together with Symphony RetailAI we then started to analyze this valuable data and began to use it to be more relevant in our customer communications through personalization. Beyond that, Symphony RetailAI analytics and tools helps us to optimize our core business like finding the right prices, products and promotions.

Dr. Lorenz Determann Head of Tools & Analytics
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