The replenishment planning balancing act

High product availability. Low cost-to-serve. That’s the perpetual balance that retailers chase. So, whether it’s business as usual or allocating inventory for one-time events, Symphony RetailAI Replenishment Planning offers retailers accurate forecasting based on customer-driven inventory management, and an automatic replenishment planning solution that speeds time to shelf.

Improvement in forecast accuracy
Reduction in inventory
Reduction in waste

The right replenishment planning shows itself on the shelf

You don’t always get a second change to please your customers. Unlike our competition, that try to integrate forecasting, replenishment and allocation, Symphony RetailAI’s replenishment planning solution grew from a common core offering that enables easy replenishment execution, even for the most challenging products like fresh and ultra-fresh, so your customers get what they expect from you.

Consumer-driven forecasting

Why do retailers forecast using manual methods without considering actual customer demand? Because they lack a customer-driven inventory management solution that automatically manages replenishment, speeding time to shelf by removing manual intervention and process errors.  Our forecasting solution predicts demand across all channels applying AI to historical and real-time data to create reliable forecasts for driving the entire supply chain.

Allocation integral with planning, forecasting and replenishment

Allocation planning is often distinct. But for replenishment, users need insight to regular orders and allocations to for daily and future buying.

Symphony RetailAI Replenishment Planning enables users to easily handle fast-moving core products and promotional inventory, removing organization silos to speed time to shelf. Smart allocations in the application set support all activities, from imports to produce, enabling better margins for retailers.

Replenishment planning for all product categories

Symphony RetailAI’s holistic solution starts with one core retail data model platform of capabilities that fuels inventory, enabling easy replenishment execution for all categories – from basic stock like paper towels to items as sensitive as perishable product.

It also supports various handheld devices and laptops enabling ordering that can be easily managed from headquarters of store.

Center store and perimeter in one application

Our replenishment planning solution is the only one on the market that supports demand planning for fresh and basic stock. Fresh items are recognized and tracked separately for replenishment, so users can be alerted to date sensitivity or account for real-time adjustment due to waste.

In addition, the solution supports intra-day produce/fresh product buying from alternate suppliers, management of and track and trace weighted inventory as well as recipe management.

We’ve been able to automate and optimize our processes in everything from assortment and shelf replenishment to preparing orders for our customers

Andrija Derezic CIO