25% – 40% of promotions are ineffective due to poor planning

Whether trying to eliminate ineffective promos, optimizing category spend, or improving forecast accuracy, Symphony RetailAI Promotion Planning and Evaluation puts big value on the table for the retailers and manufacturers who can then clearly understand and improve their promotion effectiveness.

Improvement in identification and elimination of ineffective promotions
Increased forecast accuracy
Improvement in promo spend results accuracy

Retail promotion management just got easier

Knowledge is power. And powerful organizations effectively share it to enhance collective output. But to do this, users must have seamless ease of access to key promotion planning information and know how to quickly leverage it to best make use of trade funds to maximize margins, sales, and customer loyalty.

Continuous learning, best promotions

Whether it’s for existing or new item promotion, retailers and CPGs require one version of the truth. But you don’t get there through guesswork.

Based on facts, Symphony RetailAI Promotion Planning and Evaluation leverages a robust forecast that constantly learns and improves using machine learning. It gives category managers what-if scenario analysis to select the best plan option. In addition, it enables constraint-based plan optimization with updated retail promotion management tactics (including pricing) as outcomes.

Automation, accuracy, speed

Business solutions are best with a user-friendly UI and features that boost adoption and productivity. Our solution uses calendar-based promotion planning that enhances visualization and decision making. And we help speed time to market via automatic plan creation for fast, optimized forecasting. Key repetitive tasks like circular creation by category are also made simple through automatic promotion allocation that leverages business rules. And digitization of circular creation provides opportunity for desired ROI.

Enhanced collaboration

Today, CPG and retailer collaboration is more key than ever.

Symphony RetailAI Promotion Planning and Evaluation facilitates this through streamlined, workflow-driven negotiations between CPG account teams and retailer category management. And we built in and clear audit trail for plans, events and promotions that enable greater accountability within departments. In addition, users can apply strategic insights to propose, plan, and execute to third-party advertising systems or agencies.

Hundreds of metrics, one platform

It’s your data. Bring it to life to make informed decisions stemming from factual promotion evaluation. With Symphony RetailAI’s promotion management solution, it’s easily done.

After any promotional events, it’s simple to evaluate each promotion down to UPC, store, and day level using an automated, analytical engine that measures, rates, and classifies KPIs. Ineffective promotions are reallocated accordingly by scoring each promotion on incremental sales, margin and customer impact.

For more than six years Symphony RetailAI and REWE jointly built customer-centric solutions in the areas of direct marketing, pricing, promotion and assortment optimization

Hilmar Huebers Chief Customer & Analytics Officer