Experience the next generation of price optimization

Your prices tell a powerful story to your customers, and price perceptions are key to customer loyalty. Symphony RetailAI’s highly evolved approach to price optimization maximizes everyday pricing balance, preserving the best possible margins. We enable retailers to achieve category strategies across physical and digital channels throughout the product lifecycle. Whether you are the low-price leader or the premium offering, our AI-enabled price optimization solution delivers great prices for your customers and increased profit for you.

Increase in revenue
Increase in gross profit

Price optimization with AI and machine learning

Symphony RetailAI Intelligent Pricing delivers actionable recommendations based on a unique understanding of your customers and their price sensitivity using artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI and machine learning delivers highly accurate demand forecasts while managing the complexities of the pricing equation. Our solution takes price optimization to the next level of accuracy and speed with superior optimization intelligence.

Go beyond traditional rule and elasticity pricing

To avoid inaccurate pricing techniques, we use third-generation price optimization technology to build demand elasticities constrained within rigorous, localized rules. Our machine learning models provide highly accurate forecasting, allowing our retail partners to easily increase margin on low-elasticity items while maintaining competitive price points on highly sensitive items that are important to your price image and shopper loyalty. Simple in concept, but complex in practice

Customer-centric price determination and execution

Ensure that all pricing decisions always have your customers in mind. Advanced demand models understand your customers’ behavior and forecast affinity and cannibalization impacts from price changes. Take the guessing out of determining the role your category or the items within them. Symphony RetailAI’s price optimization solution uses advanced models that provide recommendations to ensure you have everything you need to drive performance and customer engagement.

Integrated end-to-end price management

We provide the full spectrum of price management – from costs, zones and price families to determining hosting and publishing prices.

Symphony RetailAI’s Intelligent Pricing enables you to identify incremental revenue/profit opportunities using AI, demand elasticity and competitive pressure.  You’ll activate recommended changes at a localized level based on your strategies and realize incremental margin while maintaining your company’s pricing image.

We chose Symphony RetailAI as our partner to leverage technology, big data, analytics, to truly understand the habits and needs of our customers, as well as streamlining and accelerating internal processes.

Thiago Chicaroni Head of Category Management and Pricing