Assortment optimization that leverages current customer behavior

By priming the assortment management process with current behavioral-based store clustering data vs. using solely past sales, retailers optimize store groupings and drive relevant assortments by format, store, department and category. Symphony RetailAI’s approach avoids the proliferation of underperforming and duplicative SKUs, which result in poor forecasts, out-of-stocks and reduced customer satisfaction.

Category growth
Reduction in category review process
Increase in operational efficiency

Assortment optimization for 1,500 stores < 10 minutes? Easy.

Symphony RetailAI Assortment Optimization enables you to move away from static, snap-shot planning and deliver an agile approach to optimizing your assortments. By seamlessly infusing customer insight throughout your category planning process and integrating macro and micro space planning to your assortment optimization process, you can more effectively communicate and execute category strategy into stores, resulting in drastically improved sales, profit and customer satisfaction.

Tightly integrated with loyalty data

To be competitive today, retailers must meet the needs of their most valuable customer segments and, to do this, utilize customer metrics and preferences to drive localized assortment and planograms.

Symphony RetailAI’s assortment optimization solution is tightly integrated with demographic and customer loyalty data, enabling more granular and relevant store clustering. This helps identify financial opportunities by each cluster group and execute on each of them.

Consolidated data. Predictive analytics.

Customer-centricity must be at the heart of all that retailers do today, but how can you focus on what customers want if your data sources that serve them are siloed?

Our solution makes your assortment management process easy. You’ll consolidate multiple data sources and apply predictive analytics to create assortments that reflect local customer preferences and respect store space constraints. Afterall, what good is the perfect assortment if it doesn’t fit on the shelf?

Seamless integration with macro and micro space planning

Assortment optimization doesn’t live in a vacuum. There’s big opportunity for retailers and manufacturers to achieve the perfect balance between macro space optimization, strategic and local assortment, and micro space optimization. The ability to address strategic assortment decisions further upstream in the process requires automated space planning capabilities to efficiently communicate and execute your valuable category strategies.

Symphony RetailAI Assortment Optimization seamlessly integrates with our macro and micro space planning solutions, enabling retailers to easily manage their most valuable asset – physical store space in every store and every shelf.

There’s a large variation of store size from 3,000ft2 to 21,000ft2. That makes our assortment decisions pretty complicated, as we need to tailer the offer to meet customer needs in the smallest and largest outlets.

Mark Wilkinson Head of Space Planning