Solutions for retailers

Whether it’s to improve customer engagement, supplier collaboration, launch a food-to-go offer or re-imagine your retail space to introduce new in-store services and click and collect, our solutions are proven to deliver.

Price and Promotion

Gain insights from deep customer data and existing sales patterns to optimize pricing and promotion execution - growing customer satisfaction.

Category Optimization

Drive category performance with the right mix of data analytics and solutions to respond to market changes and deliver localized, space-aware assortments.

Store Planning and Design

Connect strategy to store size, format and layout giving instore customers the best possible experience and online shoppers access to the right assortment.

Fresh and Prepared Foods

An end-to-end approach for fresh inventory and in-store prepared food management that also covers the needs of all departments – center and perimeter.

Customer Engagement

Decades of partnering with FMCG retailers has given us a unique perspective on how retailers can maximize connections and trust with customers.

Demand and Availability

Manage KPIs, predict demand and maximize inventory availability across the entire supply chain, effectively managing vendors, stores and all channels.

Omni-channel Shopping

Enable frictionless shopping by streamlining inventory management and order fulfilment, also improving replenishment planning and store operations.

Solutions for CPG manufacturers

Make profitable product and category trade-off decisions and drive profitable revenue growth.

Cross retailer insights

Tracking dynamic changes in consumer brand affinities and purchase intents is a challenge. You’ve got to get it right to create products that will win the consumer.

Collaborative planning

Give every team member powerful tools driven by breakthrough artificial intelligence to simplify and speed smarter decisions and streamlined communications.

Meet CINDE, retail’s first AI-powered personal decision coach

Get answers in seconds, not days

CINDE processes billions of customer transactions in seconds, mining trends and anomalies to serve up insights that would take a team of data scientists hours, days or weeks.

Dig deeper to get to action sooner

CINDE goes beyond BI. She not only answers the questions but immediately goes further providing the why, the insights and recommended actions, all within seconds.

Meet your unfair advantage

Using her skills, CINDE understands customer purchases in store, how they respond to promotions and even how much they spend in competitive stores.

Meet CINDE, your AI-Powered Personal Decision Coach
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