Take Sales and Customer Insights to the next level through CPG collaboration.

There really is strength in numbers. From the basic building blocks of customer analytics to joint promotion planning and personalized marketing campaigns, our platform for CPG Supplier Collaboration is second to none.

Years of experience developing robust and actionable customer insights.
Global CPG manufacturers engaged in collaboration programs
Average growth for suppliers in collaboration programs

Don’t divide the pie. Grow the pie.

Most data vendors look at supplier collaboration programs as cash cows to be milked for all they can. We treat collaboration the way it should be treated – as a way to create incremental sales and profit growth for both the retailers and manufacturers by designing customer-centric retail programs that grow baskets and trips.

Deep heritage in customer analytics

For more than 30 years, customer analytics has been at the heart of everything we do. During that time, we have developed, refined, and continued to innovate new ways to analyze sales and customer data to build the most robust, timely, and actionable insights as possible. From standardized workflows and best-practice reporting to ad hoc analytics and custom projects, we have helped create millions in tangible, incremental, and jointly measured, top-line growth for both retailers and manufacturers.

AI-powered for today’s retail

Prescriptive analytics is different. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), our applications analyze data to find trends and anomalies – the same way data analysts and category mangers do – only faster and without taking a break. Based on analysis trained to mimic that of a seasoned analyst, users receive insights and suggestions about what actions to take. And the AI neural networks are continuously learning. When we combine the insights and productivity from AI with the experience and decision-making abilities of human intelligence – our CPG supplier collaboration platform delivers transformational sales and profit growth.

Master Data Management for Supplier Collaboration

Optimize Promotions

Our Promotion Evaluation, Planning, and Forecasting applications are built using the same customer segmentation that generates sales and customer insights. The data continuity and streamlined analytical framework allow users to move quickly and effectively from insights to planning and activation of promotional plans and tactics that will be most beneficial for customer growth. The extension of this ‘single source of truth’ provides streamlined, workflow-driven discussions between CPG account teams and retailer merchants and category management. With greater accountability and accuracy, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in CPG-funded promotional efforts.

Extend into Personalized Marketing

The capabilities of our CPG supplier collaboration platform for retailers extends to Personalized Marketing, where CPGs can submit offers – discounts, budget, valid dates, and more – and work with the retailer to refine the marketing strategy, offer type, and funding. Shopper marketing and category management teams can view, validate, approve or reject the offers and easily assign them to a personalized marketing campaign. Once the offer is live, CPGs can view the offer redemptions and performance of each promotion, and this transparency has led to some retailers achieving 95% or more offer pool funding via CPGs.

We need to align ourselves with our customer base from a forecasting perspective, so we can ensure we have their needs correctly identified. We then need to align better with our supplier base, to ensure that they are producing product in the ample supply to meet the needs of those customers.

Jason Burnett VP Inventory Management
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