At least 30% of your promotions are ineffective. Do you know which ones?

Retailers spend hundreds of millions each year on promotions – but tens of millions will be ineffective. Why keep wasting all that money when our Promotion Evaluation solution can help?

Of revenue comes from promotions
Of promotions are ineffective
Average wasted spend per $1B in revenue

Promotion evaluation just got smarter. and easier. and faster.

What do you get when you combine the expertise from 30+ years of customer-centric analytics with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning? The best trade promotion management and promotion evaluation solution on the market.

Proven to improve sales and margin

With our scalable cloud platform and industry-leading AI/ML capabilities, it is now easier than ever to evaluate every promotion at the most granular and actionable levels — down to the UPC and store.

While most promotion tools look only at incremental sales, our solution evaluates retail promotion effectiveness across three critical levers – sales, profit, and customer impact.  This more comprehensive and well-rounded analytical approach enables our retailer clients to avoid the pitfall of subsidizing incremental sales at the expense of margin or customer loyalty – they’re creating truly profitable growth.

Integrated Customer Segmentations

All too often, promotional analytics is done in silos. Promotions are looked at on a category or PPG level. Or customer segments are analyzed to understand purchase trends without consideration for other factors. Historically, this is due to the difficulties in data integration, modeling complexity, and computing power.

We’ve used AI/ML to solve for that problem, so now promotions can be evaluated seamlessly with our FACTSTM segmentations and efficient trade promotion management to help move from analysis to action without sacrificing accuracy or loyalty.

Enhanced Retailer-CPG collaboration

Today, CPG and retailer collaboration is more important than ever.  Rather than fighting over how to ‘divide the pie,’ they need to work together to ‘grow the pie’ in the face of omnichannel pressures.

Our solution facilitates these efforts through a ‘single source of truth’ that provides streamlined, workflow-driven discussions between CPG account teams and retailer merchants and category management. With greater accountability and accuracy, we’ve also seen a dramatic increase in CPG-funded promotional efforts leading to improved retail promotion effectiveness.

Proven to improve sales and margin

Customer data is arguably retail’s most valuable asset. Bring it to life to make informed decisions stemming from more factual, actionable promotion evaluation.

SymphonyAI’s promotion evaluation tool has been live in the market for more than a decade, with thousands of retailer and CPG users worldwide. Simply put, it has generated millions of dollars in validated sales and margin for our retailer clients.

We’ve been able to automate and optimize our processes in everything from assortment and shelf replenishment to preparing orders for our customers

Andrija Derezic CIO
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