Retail marketing is personal. SymphonyAI makes it hyper-personalized.

SymphonyAI helps you create hyper-personalized multichannel communications to boost customer loyalty and engagement with optimized spend.


improvement in offer redemption


increase in ROI


increase in best customer base

Use the power of AI for marketing personalization for better 1:1 customer messaging and offers

Personalized marketing is complex and easy to get wrong. Let AI do the heavy lifting to build an accurate 360-degree view of the shopper that continuously improves for a better customer experience and higher customer loyalty.

Automate personalization

Boost customer loyalty, ROI, and engagement effortlessly with robust SymphonyAI campaign and offer management capabilities. Automate personalized marketing processes for rapid execution delivering offer relevancy and value to customers, and more customer engagement and incremental sales, all without extensive personnel investment. 

Quickly respond to changing conditions

Shopper dynamics and purchase behaviors are continuously changing and it is no longer sufficient to make decisions on only past behavior. SymphonyAI Personalized Marketing uses AI/ML to actively predict future behavior and suggest improvements, ensuring your offers are always relevant and powerful.

Easily collaborate with CPG partners

Simplify and streamline the collaboration process with CPGs. SymphonyAI helps you more effectively collaborate with CPGs through intuitive dashboards and automated workflows that make idea sharing, campaign performance monitoring, and adjustments seamless.

Move beyond traditional marketing to create AI-driven customer experiences that drive loyalty and sales

Craft better personalized content

Tap the power of AI and ML to deliver a truly personalized experience to individual customers, boosting brand loyalty and engagement, while continuously improving future marketing campaigns.

Collaborate more seamlessly

Collaborate more effectively with CPGs via a unified platform including automated workflows that makes it easier to create offers and measure outcomes.

Increase speed to value

Launch a personalized marketing campaign in minutes, rather than days, with personalized offers that integrate into your POS or loyalty management systems with ease.

Increase CPG participation rates

Easily communicate marketing strategy and plans to suppliers, driving more visibility and awareness that lead to higher participation rates.

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