Retail marketing is personal - AI makes it hyper-personalized

Move beyond traditional marketing methods by sending your customers hyper-personalized messages and offers to show you’re really listening. Symphony RetailAI’s AI machine learning models have increased campaign participation rates over 40% for our retail clients over their existing algorithmic based customer marketing methods. You’ll run simultaneous offers across multiple channels — easily — while providing a full suite of reports using stratified test and control methodologies that measure true incremental sales and return on investment.

Improvement in offer redemption
Increase in ROI from customer satisfaction
CPG funding and includes hundreds of top brands

Turn customer data into personal retail marketing and customer loyalty

Without AI, data can be a liability. You’ve got more than enough of it, but if you can’t use it to get to know your customers better, your competitors will. Retailers must be able to customize messages and offers to each shopper by incorporating a 360-degree view of customer attributes and an AI powered predictive analytics engine.

Automate the personalization process with AI-enabled capabilities

Utilizing robust campaign and offer management capabilities and a deep learning AI engine that continuously self improves, marketers can increase customer loyalty and ROI without a heavy personnel investment.

Symphony RetailAI’s Personalized Marketing increases relevance and value to the customer resulting in greater redemption rates and incremental sales for the retailer while at the same time keeping customers happy.

Continuously optimize

As data grows, so does the challenge to identify key patterns in customer purchase behavior. A deep learning solution enables marketers to easily access big data and discover new purchase patterns to be used to provide superior personalized targeting results.

Paired with machine learning, our AI-enabled personalized marketing solution perpetually learns and improves based on customer response to past communications. It produces the most engaging messages and offers today, and anticipates future behavior, increasing overall satisfaction and, ultimately, customer loyalty.

Easily collaborate with CPG suppliers

Effective collaboration between retailers and CPG suppliers is key. Done right, it means a more streamlined and efficient process for offer creation and execution.

Our solution uses a collaborative platform where CPGs submit offers – discounts, budget, valid dates – and work with the retailer to refine the promotion. Your shopper marketing team can view, validate, approve or reject the offers and then assign them to a personalized marketing campaign. And once the offer is live, CPGs can view the offer redemptions and performance of each promotion.

Since we started our loyalty program in 2014, SRAI has helped us to build a customer-centric perspective of our business processes. In both personalized marketing and the extension of customer data in our business decisions, SRAI enabled us to better understand our customers and improve customer loyalty.

Finn Ruthenberg VP Customer Offer & Loyalty and Business Support
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