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Customer-centric businesses perform better than others. For years, our global retail consultants have combined well-honed approaches and cutting-edge technology to keep their clients ahead of competition.

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Bring customer-centricity to life in your business

Our experts from around the globe will help you develop a​ customer strategy and long-term customer activation plan ​across your operational 5P levers.

Beginning the customer-centric journey involves three steps:

  • Customer-centricity assessment​: Assess the current levels of customer-centricity in the business and the readiness for strategic change
  • Customer diagnostic: Understand trends and consumer behavior. ​Identify key customers’ opportunities and where to focus drive growth.
  • Customer strategy: The result is an insight-to-action plan with your ​customer at the heart

Customer strategy

A customer-centric strategy is based on putting your customers first and involving them at the core of your business. It involves:​

  • Understanding your customer​
  • Identifying important strategic customer groups​
  • Focusing on meeting the needs of your customers to drive engagement​
  • Continuous evaluation of your business through the lens of your customers

The difference in our consulting

  • We are retail experts
  • We are global and bring new approaches from around the world
  • We have a deep heritage in customer analytics and leverage the best of breed tools
  • We put equal focus on day-to-day decision making and customer strategy

Deep heritage in customer analytics

For more than 30 years, customer analytics has been at the heart of everything we do. We have developed and continued to innovate approaches to deliver the most actionable insights possible.

We need to align ourselves with our customer base from a forecasting perspective, so we can ensure we have their needs correctly identified. We then need to align better with our supplier base, to ensure that they are producing product in the ample supply to meet the needs of those customers.

Jason Burnett VP Inventory Management
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