A 360-degree view of customer behavior isn’t just possible – it’s imperative.

360-degree retail customer segmentations provide a whole new level of insights and actionability to retailers and CPG manufacturers thanks to a holistic, cross-channel, real-time view of their customers.

Years of experience developing robust and actionable customer insights
Households analyzed globally every week
Average category growth through improved customer-centric retailing

Retail consumer analytics has never been more essential

But analytics alone are not enough. Retail customer segmentation requires a 360-degree view of the customer in order to design the right store layouts, build the right product assortments, and develop the best promotions, merchandising, and marketing offers that will drive stronger loyalty, more trips, and bigger baskets.

Deep heritage in customer analytics

Some have breadth; some have depth. We have both. For more than 30 years, customer analytics has been at the heart of everything we do.    We are Big Data experts, with a rich collection of longitudinal data from our work with hundreds of global retailers and CPG manufacturers — analyzing tens of millions of households every week.

We’re passionate about enabling customer centricity, so simply analyzing purchase behavior isn’t enough. Customer-centric retailing starts by doing comprehensive retail customer segmentation, with a deep 360-degree customer view to understand the customer better and help merchants, category managers, and CPG manufacturers better manage the 4Ps of retail and drive revenue growth.

Get the FACTS™ that matter most

All retailers know that it is more expensive and takes more time to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer.  But how do you maximize the value of each customer?  We use our proprietary FACTSTM methodology to assess the customer’s frequency of purchase, their Advocated Categories, and Total Spend to identify the primary, secondary, and tertiary households – and then determine the best activation tactics for each.

No loyalty program? That’s ok. Our recently developed ACTS segmentations provide actionable consumer analytics for those retailers too.


Understand price sensitivity with TruPrice™

Do customers prefer quality over price – or something in between? And how does that vary by category or region? With TruPrice, retailers and manufacturers don’t have to guess. And since our retail consumer segmentation is updated monthly, changes to promotions and marketing offers can be made more frequently and with greater confidence – rather than using a static segmentation or stale panel data that is only updated on a quarterly or annual basis.

Tailor offerings for customers’ ShopStyles™

Our ShopStyles™ segments go beyond simply typing a panel to get qualitative color commentary. By updating the retail customer segmentation with monthly purchase data, consumer analytics, and getting a 360-degree customer view, retailers and manufacturers can not only gauge how customers are shopping based on their profiles, but they can also understand the rest of the basket, promotional impacts, and price sensitivities needed to make cross-promotional offers, tailored marketing messages, and assortment adjustments.

We’ve been able to automate and optimize our processes in everything from assortment and shelf replenishment to preparing orders for our customers

Andrija Derezic CIO
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