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BRAINTREE, MA – September 6, 2017 – Symphony EYC, a global leader in delivering benefits to retailers and manufacturers by utilizing customer insights to drive execution, today announced a partnership with Pague Menos, Brazil’s largest drugstore chain. The partnership provides Pague Menos with a solution set spanning customer insightspersonalized marketing and assortment and space optimization— all with the goal of making its shopping experience increasingly exclusive and rewarding.

During the first phase, Pague Menos intends to boost its loyalty program through the implementation of discount coupons and personalized offers across its 1,015 stores located throughout all 27 Brazilian states. A pilot has already started encompassing 18 stores in the city of Fortaleza. Full nationwide implementation should be completed by October.

By leveraging Symphony EYC’s big data analysis expertise, Pague Menos can now easily personalize offers. The customer insights that are uncovered from data pulls are based on “fresh” data – not data that is several weeks old, as is the case with other analytic solutions in the market. The Symphony EYC solution recommends actions that may be executed immediately, giving competitive advantage by enabling agile responses to ever-changing customer demands.

“Our solution uses artificial intelligence to select the best offers for each customer, said Adriano Araújo, Vice President Latin America, Symphony EYC. “It’s about much more than a purely transactional relationship with the customer. Understanding purchase data to improve the customer experience is most important. It’s proof that you’re doing something useful with their data, proof that you care. This is the expertise that we bring to this partnership.”

According to Pague Menos Vice President, Patriciana Rodrigues, the partnership will also provide detailed information about the purchasing habits of Brazilians in general. “We are fully aligned with the best practices of the global pharmaceutical retail market in terms of the health and well-being of, and convenience for, our customers. We develop and invest in tools that are proven to enhance the shopping experience for our customers, and therefore make our relationship more personal and long term.” 

About Pague Menos

Founded in 1981 in Fortaleza, Ceará, Pague Menos is based on the principles of innovation, convenience and citizenship. The drugstore chain gained national visibility while proposing special actions within the medical sales sector, bringing attention to the social and environmental responsibilities of firms as well as the mental and physical well-being of the population in Brazil.

Pague Menos has also been a pioneer in several initiatives aimed at improving the relationship with its clients, from the store layout to the creation of loyalty cards and customer service. This has led them to be ranked number one in sales volume and number of stores, according to Abrafarma (Brazilian Association of Pharmacies and Drugstores) and other major retail publications nationwide.

The first retail network across all of Brazil’s 27 states, Pague Menos has sustained an average annual growth of 20% for the last ten years, one of the highest rates all over the country. Besides its 1,015 stores, it also maintains 590 clinic pharmacies units, employing more than 22,000 people throughout 345 cities. Currently chaired by Mario Queiroz, Pague Menos finished the last year with impressive numbers: 146 new stores and 21.3% sales increase.