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Symphony EYC, the leading provider of software and services for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, has partnered with 1010data, the big data technology company offering the only unified platform that combines self-service data management and analytics at scale with ready-to-use data. This partnership gives supermarkets and CPGs the ability to seamlessly and rapidly integrate multiple data sources, enabling smart, simple-to-use and flexible predictive analytical tools, resulting in increased value generation across omni-channel, hyper-personalized CRM, category and vendor management.

“Both supermarkets and CPGs have enormous amounts of data on their customers’ behavior, yet they struggle to extract the necessary insight to personalize shopper engagement, create more targeted assortments or collaborate with vendors,” said Patrick Rohrbasser, CEO of Symphony EYC’s insights business. “We chose 1010data as a strategic partner because their platform is ideal to power and unite all available data from inside and outside of retailers to feed into our suite of retail applications. When 1010data’s platform is combined with Symphony EYC’s industry expertise, we are able to accelerate supermarket capabilities through smart and simple-to-use CRM, Category Management and Vendor Management tools.”

Symphony EYC tools Amplify, the Category Management Suite (CMS) and Aspects as part of the CMS are all built on the 1010data platform and are able to power and unite all available data from inside and outside of retailers to feed into our suite of retail applications. The 1010data platform also will be the foundation for the new Symphony Retail Cloud (SRC) suite, enabling rich data analytics across all data and across multiple omni-channel retail processes.

Amplify, an industry-leading CRM software-as-a-service tool, delivers rapid, automated and personalized communications to individual consumers at scale, giving retailers globally a unique competitive advantage by enabling them to understand their customers better than ever before across multiple touchpoints. Amplify allows retailer campaign managers, category managers and CPGs to collaborate. As a result, program administrators can manage marketing operational activity at a previously unseen speed of turnaround from insight to customer interaction, while maximizing sales and ROI and improving customer engagement.

“1010data is proud to have been selected as Symphony EYC’s strategic partner, and in just a short time we have seen great success working with them,” said Sandy Steier, CEO of 1010data. “We are pleased that Symphony EYC has been able to not only speed time to market, but also deploy customizable, flexible applications that integrate data from disparate source systems within retailers and CPGs.”