LipariSymphony GOLD, provider of the GOLD unified software platform for omnichannel retail, today announced that Midwest food distributor Lipari Foods is to deploy the next-generation GOLD Category Management solutions to facilitate collaboration with its retail customers and ensure the correct product assortments and shelf allocation for each and every store. Lipari Foods had previously relied on the legacy GOLD space planning solution to develop localized planograms for its retail customers.

The GOLD Category Management solutions, which help power the Symphony Retail Cloud Category Manager’s suite, combine local assortment management, store clusters, shelf, and retail space planning with data and metrics, enabling Lipari Foods to work together with its retail customers to create truly localized, store-level assortments. By leveraging information on local retail trends, marketing information, and new product launches, retailers can optimize assortment choice and availability in order to increase sales, minimize costs, and increase profits.

With the Cloud platform, Lipari can push planning processes out to its field reps, giving them access to planograms on their mobile devices and work with retailers to localize their product assortments based on consumer demand. GOLD also gives them space planning capabilities so that they can collaborate with retailers to optimize every inch of available shelf space.

“The real value of Symphony GOLD’s next-generation category management solutions is in allowing Lipari Foods to help our customers understand their market, pricing, and right assortment mix,” said Michael C. Hegarty, Director ERP – CRM Corporate Strategy at Lipari Foods LLC. “By providing relevant planogram and category recommendations, Lipari can partner with our customers to help them drive better margins.”

“By upgrading to our next-generation, cloud-based category management solutions, Lipari Foods will be implementing a truly modern and collaborative system. This will help Lipari Foods work with its retail customers to achieve higher revenue and margins by optimizing their merchandising and category management processes,” said Gregg Monastiero, president, United States, Symphony GOLD.

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