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With over 1200 stores, 6,100 employees and a turnover of 1.5bn, Gamm Vert is the established garden center market leader in France. With GOLD, the retailer is now able to rapidly produce store-specific merchandising plans that maximize the profitability of store space. The system was implemented by parent Invivo Group who also deployed GOLD across its ‘Delbard’ and ‘Jardineries du Terroir’ stores to standardize merchandising processes across the group.

“We wanted to accelerate the speed at which we could develop merchandising plans to improve the operational performance of the network and each store” said Yann BELON, Invivo Retail Purchasing Manager. “Our purchasing department has a duty to deliver quality services to franchisees and we need to provide them with plans adapted to their store as well as recommendations that cover a wide range of product families, adjusted according to turnover, margin etc. The ease of use and speed of deployment of the Symphony GOLD software has perfectly met our expectations.”