Fifth dimension logoAs the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, Gartner actively seek vendors that are ‘doing unique and cool things in a particular area’ and reward this by giving their seal of approval with a ‘Cool Vendor’ rating, Fifth Dimension received the accolade for leveraging 3D visualisation tools and data to drive new levels of retailer and consumer goods manufacturer collaboration’.

Fifth Dimension’s online research technology and range of innovative space planning software perfectly demonstrate the inventive approach that Gartner are looking for in a Cool Vendor.The company’s in-depth knowledge of the Retail and Manufacturing sectors, combined with their commitment to working in tandem with clients ensures that their products are constantly evolving. This ability to deal with the new challenges faced by the Consumer Goods industry is something that is taken into consideration by Gartner in their selection process.

Mike Letchford, CEO of Fifth Dimension stated “Working with our clients to provide original and innovative systems to deliver the information they need easily, quickly and reliably is at the heart of our business. The ‘Cool Vendor’ title proves that this really does add value and is a reminder of how much this is appreciated by our clients”