Moroccan retailer Marjane, selects Symphony EYC to optimize its warehouse operations

Leading retailer equips its new warehouse with Symphony EYC solutions, to control inventory and resources in real time, as well as improve efficiencies through the implementation of voice-directed order picking

Marjane logoMarjane Holding, a leading grocery, electrical and household goods retailer in Morocco, has selected Symphony EYC solutions to optimize the operations of its new 23 000m2 warehouse, located in the Casablanca region and managed by DHL.

Marjane Holding operates three brands Marjane, Acima and Electroplanet across approximately 70 stores in the Kingdom. To meet increasing demand from shoppers, the retailer plans to open additional sales outlets over the next three years. To meet these growth requirements, Marjane Holding opened a new warehouse at the beginning of 2012, with operations managed by DHL. The retailer has deployed the GOLD Warehouse Management solution and thanks to onboard forklift terminals, staff are now able to monitor in real-time – human and material – resources as well as inventory movement within the warehouse.

DHL order pickers are now also equipped with GOLD Warehouse Voice Operations. This technology has enabled them to communicate vocally with their hand-held smart devices, in addition to the usual techniques (flash, touch screen, keyboard, etc.), improving productivity whilst reducing costs.

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