Accelerate revenue and margin growth with AI-powered prescriptive insights

CINDE Insights revolutionizes how you look at your business, by analyzing retail industry and shopper data to identify specific drivers of business performance, uncover granular growth opportunities, anticipate and respond to customer needs, and create pathways to profitable retail sales growth.


overall revenue increase through uncovering insights


productivity improvement


improvement in incremental sales per markdown $ through improvement in effectiveness of promotions

AI-enabled retail insights-to-action for profitable growth

Real-time predictive analytics and insights for retailers to optimize performance and drive profitable growth

Accelerate revenue and margin growth

CINDE Insights identifies granular drivers of performance, changes to trends, and the sales impact of key operational levers and recommends actions to drive faster growth and higher customer satisfaction. It’s like having hundreds of data scientists and business analysts on-hand, processing billions of retail sales transactions, mining trends, and identifying anomalies, to drive better business performance.

Seamlessly review your business performance on-demand

Eliminate the wasted time spent manually gathering and analyzing the multiple reports needed for weekly, monthly, and annual business reviews. The SymphonyAI dashboard provides all the information you need to understand the factors behind your business performance and the actions you can take to optimize, in real-time, in one place.

Collaborate internally and externally with ease

SymphonyAI’s unbiased platform for collaboration provides retailers and CPGs a single view of performance, insights into performance drivers, and prescriptive opportunities to improve performance. From business users to data scientists to HQ and field teams, CINDE Insights makes it easy to stay on top of your business performance.

Why CINDE Insights?

Seamless integration of data and a single source of truth, as part of a connected system of assortment, store and space, supply chain, and shopper insights.

Speed to insights

AI-powered models drive real-time retail insights into category and brand performance, to correct issues and surface opportunities faster.

Unleash powerful insights through your BI platform

Effortlessly tap into your existing Business Intelligence tools to streamline data analysis and drive impactful insights to the forefront. Empower users to leverage the full potential of current reporting, extracting unparalleled value and fostering data-driven decision making.

Contextual intelligence

Easily understand the data behind the metrics for better weekly sales and category reviews.

Insights tailored to your needs

Role-based Al and ML-powered insights uncover top growth opportunities tailored to each user’s priorities.

Scalability across the enterprise

Cloud scale on a unified platform delivers customer-centric decisions to the entire enterprise.

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