It doesn’t have to be so difficult to see the benefit of your advertising efforts.

Are you spending advertising money that lacks visibility to whom you’re reaching and its effectiveness? As a CPG manufacturer, chances are you’re not alone. But today, the use of science and data applied to retailers’ consumer shopping purchases have improved the effectiveness of trade and shopper insight investments. Now you can target your shoppers, put up an ad, and clearly see the return on the ad spend at the point of sale. You’ll more accurately target select groups of consumers, better understand the right level and timing for offers, and gain transparency in engagement and consumption. Work with your retailers to better fine-tune future actions that drive higher returns.

Our SR Retail Channel Advertising solution enables CPGs to effectively get their brand message to the right consumers across multiple retailers – even to develop a national network of retailers using the power of targeting. In other words, retailer-captive customers are now a significant media channel in a world where TV viewership is declining, fragmented, and tough to measure. With SR Retail Channel Advertising, you’ll improve brand penetration with shoppers by delivering data-driven, co-branded, digital advertising with closed loop attribution and measurement. Stop wondering if your message is hitting the mark and start knowing that it is.

Key Capabilities:

  • Drives product awareness, trial and repeat
  • Gives users a scientific approach to improving shopper insights
  • Enables visibility to effectiveness of advertising funds enables more effective fund use
  • Displays target audience and the return on ad spend

CPG benefits:

  • Better ROI on marketing spend – improve the (currently) difficult-to-measure return on current advertising and digital spend
  • Grow loyalty and brand with current consumers. Refine the investment spend by targeting consumers based on prior purchase, geospatial, attribution and more
  • Targeted way to approach acquisition and new product launch – Use data and science to identify the consumer target and to connect with them
  • Improved financials – more visits, bigger baskets / higher sales, market share, customer loyalty

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