True omnichannel marketing made easy.

Gain insights to your customers. Identify channel preference and communicate relevant content to them based on past purchase behavior. SR Personalized Marketing puts sophisticated targeting and offer management control into the hands of your shopper marketing team. They’ll run simultaneous offers across multiple channels — easily — while providing a full suite of reporting using test and control methodology, showing true incremental sales and return on investment.



Our solution features a campaign management workflow designed for the demands of retail marketers. Create a large offer bank, make ongoing changes, and even plan offers for the entire marketing calendar. You’ll deliver personal, customized messages — fast — with the insights and confidence of knowing what your customers really want.

Promotion Planning Dashboard

 Customer Impact Reporting

Campaign Measurement

Key Capabilities

  • Uses deep learning, identifies granular signals in purchase and demographic data not evident with rule-based targeting methodologies. Applies machine learning to the offer optimization allocation methodology
  • Detects new patterns in customer behavior with artificial intelligence models, driving incremental sales and increase customer loyalty
  • Increases redemption rates using machine learning to continuously improve customer acceptance
  • Delivers multiple channel-relevant offers and provides interim and post-campaign results
  • Executes real-time, location-specific messaging to smart devices and wearables with a robust mobile software development kit

Key Benefits

  • Makes campaign operation execution simple and efficient
  • Puts time back “in the bank,” freeing up marketers’ time for other strategic priorities
  • Increases customer loyalty via use of artificial intelligence models that learn over time
  • Depending on retailer strategy and through accurate data insight, can increase return on investment  by a range of 300-500% from increased customer loyalty

Personalized Marketing products include:

  • SR Personalized Marketing

    An omni-channel solution that leverages embedded algorithms and a relevancy engine to ensure that each shopper’s communication is appropriate, timely and individualized.

  • SR Personalized Marketing Mobile

    A geo-fencing mobile application that interacts with the shopper at the right moment and in the right place, delivering timely and relevant messages.

  • SR Real Time Marketing

    An AI-driven platform that delivers highly targeted content and promotions on a one to one basis to shoppers related to their past purchase history, behaviors and demographics on a real-time basis in context.

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