Show your CPG partners their advertising dollars will impact customer behavior.

A major proportion of the billions of dollars CPG manufacturers spend on traditional TV advertising is wasted. That’s because as advertisers push to get their brand messages out at scale they’re forced to compromise knowing who they’re reaching and the efficacy of their efforts. As a result, digital is increasingly thought to be a better alternative. But, the truth is that the effectiveness of digital is also in question. So, for retailers to access CPG channel advertising dollars, they need a reliable and effective way to offer greater certainty of who they’re reaching and how their impacting customer behavior as a result.

The SR Channel Advertising solution enables retailers to work with brands to connect with their shoppers by delivering data-driven, co-branded, digital advertising with closed loop attribution and measurement. Particularly helpful for retailers without a national footprint, we can help create a multi-retailer channel with national coverage so your CPG brand content gets out, targeting with greater precision and impact. And as retailer, you’ll better leverage CPG advertising dollars.

Key Capabilities:

  • Enrich household data by providing additional shopper attributes beyond their purchase within your stores
  • Deploy SR Personalized Marketing and the targeting network tool sets
  • Source advertising inventory from top CPG manufacturers
  • Create, target, and deploy branded offers and content to customers with a call to action to the retailer
  • Anonymize household data and add attributes and 360-degree longitudinal view

Key Benefits:

  • Capture incremental CPG income to fund investments in price, the consumer experience, or to improve gross margin
  • Deliver a better shopper experience with relevant and targeted communication and offers
  • Improved financials – more visits, bigger baskets / higher sales, market share, customer loyalty
  • Better understand the customer upside and share of wallet potential. Overlay of attitudinal and lifestyle that helps identify where you are winning and how to close any gaps

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