When a customer gets what they want from you, they know you’ve listened.

Symphony RetailAI’s marketing manager’s software suite enables you to consistently personalize your offers so that your customer feels like it’s a one-to-one relationship. We do this by applying a 360° view of the customer so you actually can understand them better. Our analytics and intelligence, enabled by CINDE – industry’s first AI-powered personal decision coach, make it easy for you to increase trips and basket size for your best customers through targeted marketing programs that have the personal touch and help you stand out in today’s market place.

Meet CINDE, industry's first AI-powered personal decision coach

CINDE gets answers in seconds, not days

Get answers in seconds, not days

CINDE processes billions of customer transactions in seconds, mining trends and anomalies to serve up insights that would take a team of data scientists hours, days or weeks.

Dig deeper to get to action sooner

Dig deeper to get to action sooner

CINDE goes beyond BI. She not only answers the questions but immediately goes further providing the why, the insights and recommended actions, all within seconds.

Meet CINDE, your unfair advantage

Meet your unfair advantage

Using her skills, CINDE understands customer purchases in store, how they respond to promotions and even how much they spend in competitive stores.

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