Retail Marketing Managers

Today’s smart marketer understands that customers are always just a click away from their “new favorite brand.” A hard reality. To have any chance of maintaining loyalty, marketers must move beyond just the traditional tools — weekly circulars and store displays — and provide truly personalized offers to meet customers in their preferred channel.

Insights that tell customers they matter

When a customer gets what he wants from you, he realizes that you’ve listened.

Our Marketing Manager’s Suite enables you to consistently personalize your offers so that your customer feels like it’s a one-to-one relationship. We do this by applying a 360° view of the customer so you actually can better understand him. Our analytics and intelligence make is easy for you to increase trips and basket size for your best customers through targeted marketing programs that have the personal touch that helps you stand out in today’s market place.

Solutions for Retail Marketing Managers


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SR Personalized Marketing

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Ensure each shopper’s communication is appropriate, timely and individualized through an omni-channel solution that leverages embedded algorithms and a relevancy engine.

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SR Channel Advertising

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Enable brands to connect with retailer’s shoppers by delivering data driven, co-branded, digital advertising with closed loop attribution and measurement.

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