Fresh-focused retailer Longo’s named Remarkable Independent for 2020

Winsight Grocery Business announces its list of 2020 Remarkable Independents and includes Symphony RetailAI customer.

We are pleased to share that top Canadian grocer, and Symphony RetailAI customer, Longo’s was recognized as one of Winsight Grocery BusinessRemarkable Independents for 2020.

Longo’s purpose is to fuel happier and healthier lives and its vision is to be its customers’ most trusted and relied upon food partner. We’re honored to have played a part in the modernization of its supply chain – an effort that led to a substantial change in the way the Longo’s operates, and as a result, how it maintains its edge over the competition while achieving growth.

Longo’s now-efficient supply chain has led the independent grocer to deliver on its promise of an exceptional in-store experience through the quality and availability of its products – and that’s something all grocers are striving for, no matter their size.

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Speedier supply chain decisions, plus precise fresh item management

Longo’s needed to ensure it appealed to millennials, as well as an aging loyal shopper demographic by creating an experience that catered to all its shoppers. Knowing that Longo’s key differentiator is fresh food delivered with experiential service, the company improved its back-end systems to provide an integrated, end-to-end platform from Symphony RetailAI that increased collaboration efficiency between vendors and suppliers. This allowed it to improve the speed of decision making within the supply chain, as well as operations around store ordering, receiving, vendor management and demand planning, enhancing the overall guest experience across retail operations.

The quality of all items on the shelf, especially fresh and prepared foods, is a critical part of the guest experience. With Symphony RetailAI, Longo’s ensured its data represented one version of the truth, allowing the independent grocer to become more efficient and make the right decisions for its guests – from planning all the way to execution.

With a unified and fully connected platform, Longo’s can monitor its inventory management daily and even hourly, ensuring movement of products across the entire supply chain. This guarantees that perishable products are as fresh as possible when they reach the shelves. What’s more, dramatically improved demand forecasting, resulting in greater inventory accuracy, ensures the ideal assortment of products is on the shelf for guests at the right time and right price. Additionally, information surrounding allergies, sourcing and freshness continue to grow in importance to shoppers.

IT modernization to improve the store experience

The key to Longo’s success has been its ability to continuously evolve in lockstep with its guests who have changed the way they shop. As the company continues to focus on its priorities, Longo’s will regularly evaluate its systems to ensure that foundational back-end systems are ready. In doing so, Longo’s strategies around data analytics will continue to support growth and meet the ever-changing demands of the market and improve the overall guest experience.

Congratulations again to our friends at Longo’s for being named a 2020 Remarkable Independent!

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