Video: How should retailers decide when to take merchandising fees?

When it comes to choosing new product innovations from vendors, large merchandising fees may be enticing, but do they result in the optimum sales growth for the particular category?

In this video, Symphony RetailAI’s Head of Category Planning Gina Hargrave explores how you can make informed decisions on new product innovations, through using AI technology to help assess which new products will perform well and in which stores.

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    As a retailer today, you’re inundated with your vendors calling on you and wanting to introduce new products into your stores. And a lot of times those new product introductions come with very enticing merchandising fees from the vendor community.

    As a retailer, being able to run clustering and assortment exercises that help you understand exactly what stores or groups of customers are primed for new product innovation will help you make more informed decisions so you’re not just accepting the merchandising fee, but you’re making a long term sustainable decision about where products should be placed that will make your overall supply chain more efficient in the long run.

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