Unlock your potential with customer-centric and localized space-aware assortments.

How can you deliver assortments that reflect local shoppers’ behaviors and preferences, in order to increase sales, loyalty and profitability? How can you build intelligent store clusters that align customer preferences and the individual dynamics of each category? And finally, how do you effectively optimize the space allocation of your assortment mix without having a detrimental impact on sales? Discover the answers in this video and learn how you can deliver a truly customer-centric category management strategy.

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    Your customers expect to see products they love ― or will love ― in their local store. And you know that using customer data to build relevant category assortments will grow loyalty, sales and profit, but its complex and time consuming to do.

    Clustering stores based on historical sales, physical size or format is a blunt instrument when it comes to unlocking the potential for your category. And optimizing assortments down to individual store level is only beneficial when you know they will fit the space available.

    And while growing your number of suppliers allows you to offer local brands that delight your customers, how can you collaborate effectively with all of them without extending your entire category review process, which feels too long already?

    What if you could deliver truly customer-centric, space-aware assortments for every store, based on what your customers want… and do it in less than half the time it takes today?

    Stop imagining and start doing.

    Our integrated assortment and space planning solutions utilize all of your retail and customer insight data – shopper behaviour, market, sales, loyalty and more  –  to create truly localized, space-aware assortments… that deliver real results.

    We help you generate intelligent, category-specific, store clusters by aligning customer preferences with the individual dynamics of each category.

    But it doesn’t stop there. These clusters automatically feed the most advanced assortment solution available today. It reviews the entire market for additional products that match your customers’ profiles, predicts sales of every item in every store, and proposes the optimal, space-aware assortments.

    As assortments change, you can evaluate alternative scenarios internally or with external suppliers. The solution applies transferable demand data to calculate the effect on sales, quantifying the total impact on your category.  And once the optimum assortment is agreed upon, you can be confident it precisely fits the space available, for every store!

    What does this mean to you as a category manager?

    • You’ll dramatically increase productivity through an integrated, more streamlined category planning process, delivering full reviews in less than half the time
    • You’ll increase sales and profit by building relevant assortments that keep customers happy, loyal and returning to your stores
    • And you’ll better collaborate across your suppliers, your headquarters and your stores, sharing a single view of information and insights to help get store-specific assortments on the shelves faster

    So, don’t leave space for your customers to wonder if you care. Prove it at the shelf by delivering space-aware, optimized assortments that delight your customers and retain their loyalty.

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